Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sleeping Naked III

Sleeping naked is the saga that just doesn't end, I know. But, compared to the last time I wrote about this, things are going a lot better.

I have managed to get over the possibility of being walked in on. Hooray for small mercies! For around 5 weeks now I have slept naked every night, except some exceptionally cold nights for this time of year, a few times I forgot and the times I jerked off.

I don't think I will count the cold nights as failures, just doesn't seem fair. Despite wanting to sleep naked, clothes serve a great purpose as regulators of temperature. Plus, the times I forgot, well sometimes it happens.

I think I've done well. And it is significantly more comfortable.

But there was one last category there, after masturbating. This hangup still exists. After waking up a week ago and seeing two lovely splotches of dried cum on my boxer shorts I got all nervous about the idea - again. However, boxer shorts are easy, you just stuff them in the wash, they come out clean and no one is the wiser. They are small, "bundleable", good for covert washing. Sheets are not so covert. Big splotchy stains of jizz are not the greatest thing to have there.

But to change this, I will need to change an aspect of my behavior. Afterwards, I tend to feel relatively placid, relaxed but unfortunately feel a little guilty about the amount of time I spent. Time I "should have been doing something important", well up until this point, thesis stuff. I am also somewhat a twoface in this regard. I have incredibly liberal views on many things, but I would say I had a fairly conservative upbringing. I tend to have days of being one or the other. Do other people have this? I think afterwards, the conservative wanklogger becomes a little more prevalent and I tend to get my pants on quickly and get on with it.

For interest sake, I used to be very conservative. Those politicians of the world labelled neo-cons and ultra-right wing, that was my leaning. Something along the way happened, and all that has changed. But my conservative mindset, being that work is its own reward and the be-all-and-end-all of living sometimes forms my way of thinking.

I much prefer my liberal side, it is just more fun!

What I need to do is hold off the clean up for a little while, to squeeze out the last few drops. Thereby ensuring splotchy cum residue is not a problem. Interestingly, I think this will be a little more than just that. I have to let my more conservative side become less dominant. I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Chloë Sevigny

I did this photo a while ago, before I did the before photos. I think it is sort of artful :P


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

One year on

Around this time last year I wrote this post. On the one hand I could say that things haven't changed much. I still feel a little lonely this time of year, and this year is no different in that regard. I don't have any significant other for the coupley type stuff. A friend says I don't want that, but it's easy for him to say when he has tried it, and hypocritically lives with his girlfriend.

Each year I ask a few women out. For me this constitute a fairly high percentage of the women I meet each year - just because I meet so few. I hope once I move out of university life and into working life my social circle will expand.

I should explain something though. When writing last year's post I was quite sad. Really sad. It had got to me a lot more than usual. This year, it all doesn't seem so monolithic and disheartening. Which I am glad about, I felt pretty shitty last year.

So what changed?

Several things, no single thing did it, but it was a combination of all.

I was given more responsibility this year
Writing a thesis is tough. It's a mountain of work, and at the start of the year you are plagued with self-doubt. Self-doubt to a degree I've never experienced, I thought I was swimming in the deep end. With sharks. With teeth made of dynamite.

But I pressed on.

I worked on it, and in the end finished it well enough to pick up an award from a private company and the highest possible mark I could.

I learnt tons of stuff in my area of research, research methods, philosophical arguments about research and advanced concepts in my area of interest. All good stuff. But the one thing I value above all else was that I learnt if I put my mind and effort into something, I can do it. Which is a huge confidence booster. Presenting the findings of your research to a room full of academics, people who seem tuned to finding holes in research is a gut wrencher. But pulling it off puts you on cloud 9.

Attitude change
I avoid risk. I like situations I understand, situations I can control. Control leads to measurement, consistent measurement leads to a basis for comparison. I am a positivist at heart! Works for experiments, doesn't work so well on people.

I tried to care less about the consequences of my actions and to occasionally venture a bit further than I would. It worked, more often than not. The world didn't fall apart if I took a risk! Hooray! During the year I consulted my university's counselling program, to see if they could offer any advice on another issue I had/have/having. My counsellor told me to peg my happiness on things I can control and not things I have no control over.

Good advice. So good and simple I felt like a twit for not thinking of it sooner. It has helped.

Physical changes
I can't shy away from the correlation between my weight loss and

  • confidence
  • mental state
  • wanking
I don't notice it that much, because I've seen every ounce drop off me. So for me, I always look much the same. But the look on people's faces who haven't seen me in a long time always reminds me - what I have done, most people fail at. Big booster.

As for the wanking - this one was unexpected. A few months back I was in the shower. Things were getting a bit hairy, so I got out the razor and cleaned up. Drying myself, my cock felt different. Peculiar and ignored. I scurried over to my bedroom and did the usual night time things. I switched off the light and felt immediately horny, a bit Pavlovian really. Nope, my cock definitely felt different that night. The following day, the same. I finally figured it out. The weight loss had been so dramatic, that the bulge that formed my pubes was residing, and still is. All told, I "gained" about an inch.

The big one I was upset about last year.

Well, I found a fix for my problem. I look forward to revisiting the brothel in the new year.

This year has been good. I am the happiest in years, I feel confident in my actual abilities. I think this is helping me socially. Like I said, I am an only child and I think my nature led to me not being as socialized as I could have been when younger.

However, I made this year the year of discipline. I decided I would

  • Work hard at university, harder than ever before
  • Get serious about fixing myself physically
  • Deal with some inner "demons"

I think I did all 3!

I know this post has very little to do with wanking, in fact nothing to do with wanking. It's easier to face problems with people who don't know you, thank you for reading, have a good Christmas/New Year! I will be continuing in 2008.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kyla Cole Mega Post!

For me, Kyla Cole is like Alley Baggett. I can always turn to her for some enjoyment. And enjoy I did!

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Friday, December 07, 2007

4 Lesbians

I have no idea who they are. But there are 4 of them, and something missing from their photo set :P


Thursday, December 06, 2007

MILF Barbie

I work in a flea market. An upscale sort of a flea market, but it's a flea market nonetheless. I work a night shift there, and spend most of my time reading or goofing around with the guy in the opposite shop. For what I actually do, it pays well.

A few weeks ago, it was particularly dull. No one was buying anything, and the guy across from me was ill, so I had very little to actually do. Passing the time, I was just doodling on a pad.

Then I saw Barbie. Well, MILF Barbie with a bit too much of a tan. But, this is certainly no place to be picky.

She was wearing a pink midriff sleeveless top holding 2 large tits with protruding nipples, very blonde hair, but the best part was the barely covering pink skirt. It went maybe 2.5-3 inches below her pussy.

In an area that usually has people wearing track pants, this was perhaps one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Thankfully, my store is usually quiet, so I didn't have irritating customers disrupting my mental undressing time.

The focus of my attention was her skirt. That thing was so flimsy and high that it just had to reveal something. The material it was made from was so light, it flapped upwards a little with each step. But the flap was just not enough to see.

I wondered if she wore panties, thong...nothing? Or was she anatomically neutral, like the actual dolls? I really wanted to know.

I watched her intently, but she had obviously worn this skirt before because she expertly avoided all possible chances for someone to look. She was pro at avoiding the optimistic voyeur.

She figured out what she wanted to buy, and was fiddling with her purse to extract the right amount of cash, when a few coins lurched out and gravity did the rest. She bent over and made my night instantly better.

She wore a small thong (not unsurprising to see it was pink) and had a beautifully toned ass. My cock stirred. But my shift ended in 1h27m. I then had a half hour drive home. Once there it was dinner time. Crap!

That time could not have gone soon enough. Last minute customer delaying the close, traffic on the way home, dinner was not a simple wolf-it-down type. But thankfully, my brain seems to have DVR type functions for this sort of stuff. It was like it hit pause and turned the TV off. So when the TV is turned back on, it's all good to go again.

Everything was done, I was showered and the TV had been switched back on. The images of a few hours ago flooded back and my cock was hard once again.

Stroking away, I wonder if she did it on purpose or was completely unaware. Or was it even pre-meditated. Did she specifically pick those clothes because they offer this opportunity. If it was, did she like the idea of knowing that across the vast expanse of suburbia, horny guys were thinking of her? Was she even an exhibitionist, doing it all for herself?

It wasn't long before I could feel everything tighten up. When I lie on my back, my cock tends to fall towards my chest. I tend to hold it at a similar angle. So all the jizz tends to squirt out onto my chest of pubes. I keep trying to angle my dick at more of a right angle to see what would happen. I usually fail because angles, and especially right angles are usually the last things you think of as "the edge" approaches.

This night I was pretty spot on. The first stream of jizz shot about 8 inches straight up, the second about 6 and the rest over my chest (it seems angles are just no concern during orgasm).

Thank you Barbie!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Crush

I have a crush on someone. I rarely entertain crushes because I have a 100% failure rate and they tend to somewhat crush me in the process.

Last week was my final exam, ever. My university days are over and I have a nice slice of time where I have nothing at all planned. I am not looking for work right away, my lack of working experience deems me starting off right down the bottom - I'm not in a huge hurry to begin either :).

It is with no surprise that I was in high spirits whilst walking the dog. We went to the park, the dog ran around, I threw his ball for him and savoured the sweet taste of freedom.

In the distance I saw a girl walking her dog, which seemed fairly puppy-like and mischievous. I think nothing more of it. Occasionally I check the proximity to see if her dog will take off after my dog and I have to step in. But no, she walks off and a few minutes later, my dog has had enough and we head home.

Our paths cross again not far away, I took the direct route through the park and she took the looping pathway.

As I approach I decide to try and have a conversation. I am in unusually high spirits and my confidence is doing ok these days. Even if for the chance to meet another local dog owner.

I can talk to almost anyone. Which surprises me, because for years I was not talkative, period. I don't go so well with women I am attracted to though. I tend to become absorbed in what I am doing, which means what I am doing loses traction and then it all falls apart.

So, given that, I had what I could reasonably describe as the best ever conversation with someone I am attracted to.

She laughed at my jokes, actually participated in the conversation (I usually feel like I am interrogating someone, it is off putting). All of this went on for about 15 minutes. She left with a handshake and I found out her name.

If I see her again, I think I will do one of the few things that truly scares me - try to ask her out.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Salma Hayek

I have abstained from jerking off for the last 5 days so I could unload as much as possible on Salma. I think I did an ok job. :)


Thursday, November 22, 2007

What to do now

Over the week someone sent me an email, wondering what I will be doing now that I have finished with university. It's a good question, and one that I have pondered myself.

The short answer is: I don't know.

The things I am qualified for don't interest me. I have experience in the area I am interested in, but it's not proven, I haven't done a course or been employed for those skills. So, I plan to start at the bottom of the ladder. No harm in that, I've always thought you can't do the job if you have no idea how the job one level down is done.

But a "career" in itself has me stumped. What is the significance of it? I see a lot of info on how to get pumped about it, how to advance it, how to buttfuck it 6 ways from sunday to make it really awesome. None of it interests me. The best answer I have got from someone was "It's what you do with your life".

Fair enough, but endlessly working for advancement and never being satisfied with your lot in life? It just seems like a cop out. But, I have never yet attempted a career, so maybe I will understand and become all excited about it.

How about you? Am I alone with wondering if a career is the be all and end all of what to be interested in?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Mr. Sugasm Himself
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stressed Wanking

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic, but the end result is one finished thesis, submitted for examination. Phew!

In my experience, I find stress is something I don't realise I am under until it is pointed out to me. In the last few weeks I have done the same repetitive grind every single day, but kept some time open for some relaxation, my daily exercise and masturbation (when circumstances permitted).

The first indication I was under stress was the weight loss. I've lost 5.5kg in 3 weeks (50+ total). I'm glad it is off, and I'm going to keep it off, but it was a shock to see how much when graphed, the last few weeks were precipitous. Overall, that's a positive.

When I look at the figures, I had a very regular masturbation schedule. When I compare it to April (the other crunch time this year), it was much better. But, I think the effect was not great as this time. Toward the end of writing my thesis, I noticed that jerking off just wasn't doing it any more. Felt mechanical and kind of dull. As a single fellow, this is a disturbing revelation. But I ignored it and finished writing.

I handed it in and went home a significantly happier person.

I do have some work to follow (I get to present to the faculty and have one exam), but they are a while off and require a lot less input. Night rolls around, we eat, watch TV, usual evening family stuff and afterwards head in our separate directions.

I had been waiting for this moment. The moment I could jerk off and not be concerned about how late it was getting, and what needed to be done tomorrow and the never ending concern about your write up making sense.

I lay on my bed after my shower and felt the waves of the fan circulate in my boxers. With the weight loss of the last 3 or so months, everything feels different. It has taken some getting used to, but not at all in a negative way. I can't afford new clothes and it doesn't matter if the the stuff I sleep in is 3 sizes too big - the upshot is that it billows and falls off with no effort.

Jerking away, I also find what 3 weeks of no trimming does to public hair - the first time I'd noticed. I fantasized about the weather lady on TV, who predicted some horrible weather the following day, I bet she did it on purpose, she'd have to shown that that wasn't acceptable.

Sure enough, the inevitable occurs, but is different from the prior 3 weeks. It felt good. Really good. A toe curler and then some. I think it was good the parents had their noisy fan going, because there was some vocal activity to signify the return of pleasure. It was almost as if in those three weeks, I'd ejaculated numerous times but not orgasmed. Or, like the pleasurable sensations had been stored up - maybe a subconscious incentive to keep focussed on work.

I wanted to go again, but I think the 3 weeks of banked up pleasure came along with 3 weeks of banked up sleep debt.

Ashley Judd

You know, I can't actually recall seeing Ashley Judd in much at all. I thought the film "Double Jeopardy" was reasonable. I once saw a video of her flashing some paparazzi guy, and that was about it.

Either way, I find her incredibly appealing. Plus, I think a pearl necklace would have been a better choice for her ;)


Thursday, November 08, 2007

No Post

Sorry, for the second week in a row.

This bloody thesis is due in under a week and the amount of work I have is "non-trivial" as my supervisor would say.

Kristen Davis

On the cable system here, they have a channel for women. I usually skip the thing as whenever I am on the couch, they are running Oprah or The View or something I can't really get into. Every now and then, they have Sex and the City repeats (and they shift them around, so I never know when it is on).

I don't particularly like the show, I find this New York socialite stuff to be comprised of great amounts of bullshittery. The characters grate my nerves, but I have no problem watching Kristen Davis :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Traveling the road, Sharing a load, Side by side
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The US Constitution Erotic Coloring Book

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Underpants

In my usual routine for preparing for my evening walk and run, I go to the toilet beforehand. Nothing special there, it's just good planning. I finish peeing, give a quick squeeze, mop up a few drops with the paper, hoist up the shorts and head out.

Only, this time it was different.

I ran the usual segments of my route and was quite happy with the results. In between the sections I run, I walk. One of the sections I run is quite long and flat, I then walk a little over 100m on a berm and then have an uphill run. On this day there were some people milling around the flat part and I am still a little self conscious when I run so I just walked past them. I've been planning on joining the segments I run into a single, longer section and I thought that this night was as good as any to begin.

I walked past the other people, turned onto the berm and ran across that, then around the corner, then up the hill. I made it, and have found my new limit, so it gives me something to gauge against. There is another uphill about 250m away, which I run and after that I walk the rest of the distance. I am worn out, I am sweaty and I usually feel pretty happy.

I notice that I have an erection, it's a common occurrence and I generally ignore it as I try to catch my breath. By that time, it has disappeared. But not this day. As I walk onwards, my breath returns and I note that there is some degree of arousal, something that is not common in this situation.

I ignore it, because it isn't really the place. Well, I try to ignore, but it is getting increasingly difficult. In the shadows I go for a quick grope to see if I can see why this is happening. Some part of my cock was in direct contact with my underpants - the new ones with the rather pronounced seam. Again, this isn't the place to readjust, so I wander on and hope mass humiliation will not result.

I pick up the pace a little - I'm getting hungry and now the arousal is quite pronounced and seems to be having an active effect. It's going from a passive throb in the background to how it would feel if I had stuck a hand down there.

A bit more walking and I feel a little twang. This little twang is the point of no return. I read the clinical term for it once, but I can't remember it. I haven't ever reached orgasm this way, surely not now?

Yep, now.

I could feel the contractions and jerking motion of my dick as gobs of jizz were deposited in my underpants. What an advertisement for the underpants company though, I had cracked open the packet maybe 2 hours prior. Orgasm on the first wear! I continued my walk home feeling very awkward.

Arriving at home I sped, in a surreptitious way, to the shower. Stripped off and saw the half drying mess in my undies. What an odd thing to have happened, it hasn't before. Of course, this brand of underpants is my new favorite. What surprised me is that I can usually feel the 'twang' coming. I know when it's imminent. But, this day it caught me by surprise, I was not expecting it at all. In a way, it was a really great surprise and given all the places I go to in public, I'm glad it happened at that time.

I wonder if the underpants company would like to know?

Alley Baggett

Way back when, Alley was the first porn image I saw. I've been a fan since that time, and she is probably the most fantasized about celebrity in my repertoire.

I wonder if Alley likes knowing this?

Friday, October 19, 2007

An hour a week

Around a year ago I read an issue of Time magazine that had a breakdown of the average American's leisure time. The first, and most predictably was television. There were other electronic distractions vying for time. Sex was a single digit %, and equated to about an hour a week. A 168th of the week, for something so enjoyable?

I have to say, I was flabbergasted. I live outside the US, so I have an incomplete and incorrect view of the country. TV, films, news articles, internet comments, etc., etc., etc. have led me to believe if people weren't watching TV they would be having sex. There are ~300 million Americans, at some point it was popular! When you combine all the pressures of life together, it is easy to see how it can be shoved to the bottom of the pile.

Anyway, in the last few weeks, I've been thinking. Thinking about the fast approaching, heavily clichéd fork in the road. I finish my degree soon and begin to work. If I move out of home, the murderous housing and cost of living here will guarantee I am staying here for a long time. If I stick it out, I can follow one of my few goals and move across the globe.

This got me thinking more, what am I going to do there? The two places are basically the same, the work I will do is the same, aside from the different location, it's all much the same. Much like using the word same three times in a sentence.

That's when that little titbit from Time flicked through my head. I'm going to live the reverse of that list. I've decided that I don't do enough risky things, and all the things I do actually do are too planned and carefully thought out. This has led to a considerable comfort zone. Which I hope to limit.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sugasm #100

Well, it had to happen eventually, Sugasm has made it too 100 posts!


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Friday, October 05, 2007

Being Stuck Outside

A few weeks ago, I went for a walk. Nothing particularly special about that, I do it every day. I bid my farewells and set off. On my return I find out that the parent who was at home when I left had also left. Fuck. This parent usually forgets to tell me about this sort of thing, I've been locked out before. The last time I had left my window slightly ajar, and could "break in". Not this time, it was sealed up tight.

Without distractions, it very quickly becomes apparent how boring sitting in the backyard can be. I watered some plants, but that didn't last long, I double checked windows and doors for a chance to enter, but I find myself sitting in a chair muttering angrily.

I'd briefly fallen asleep and been woken by the sound of a neighbor sliding their door open noisily and walking around. These neighbors were quite elusive, I rarely see them, and have met them only once. I think one was a doctor, and the other an accountant. But I couldn't be certain. I couldn't even give you a name. There is a gap in the fence the dog likes to hang around because he can get a glimpse into two yards at once. One you get a glimpse only (and only just). But the other you get an unimpeded view, this is the yard with the noise and the unknown neighbors.

This is literally the most interesting thing happening, the insect olympics didn't go to well - none of the competitors I found were very keen on the idea.

I go over to the fence and take up position, maybe it is something exciting! No, it's just laundry. Not even exciting laundry, just tablecloths, sheets, pants, business shirts.

I hear commotion inside the house and make my prescence a little less obvious. More laundry comes out and my neighbor's wife begins to hang it up. I was hoping she would be a nudist or something, but no. Just plain old laundry day. She was older and attractive, and seemed to dress pretty flash compared to what you need to for housework. I wonder if she liked doing laundry for the chance to stand next to the machine. I'll bet she did, all alone in that house, presumably accounting for other people's money. Or maybe the sheets had to be washed because she was bored, just like me and spent several hours masturbating, except inside. I think all streets across the vast suburbia would be a bit like "Desperate Housewives" at times.

I know there is a belief that 9 months after a significant power outage, there is a rise in the number of births. Sociologists have largely disproved this, but I can see how a belief like that would come about.

I ended up being stuck outside for 4 hours. I did try the neighbors I actually know to see if I could use their phone, but none were in. In that 4 hours I orgasmed 4 times, with a sort of inverse exponential curve on the amount of jizz each time. The first was the kind I enjoy. The second was about half, and the third was half again and the fourth was a few dribbles. I have to say I was incredibly relaxed and philosophical about the return of the parents and realisation I was outside. Needless to say, that night there was no jerking off at all. My brain hadn't even entertained the possibility.

Now, I know that story was not at all erotic. It was someone stuck outside, played voyeur for 5 minutes and masturbated 4 times. If your dick moved, or your panties moistened, I would be surprised, very surprised. What I am trying to get at, is that had I not jerked off, I probably would have been really snitty and pissed off. I certainly was before and even though I find it hard to stay angry, I probably would have had enough anger left to be angry at the parents. Besides, I spend a lot of time waiting for them to go away so I can masturbate, how dumb would I have been to not take advantage of a time with no parents and the other drains on my time (ie, university) unavailable? I think if the parents didn't come back when they did, I probably would have tried to beat my record (5).

Friday, September 28, 2007

I will miss you

Unfortunately, the family emergency from last week is now a family loss.

Give me a few days.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Family stuff

Sorry, I had the ruminations of a post this week, but a family emergency has taken up a lot of my time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sugasm #97

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