Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long Hours

After Christmas and the New Year, I find myself as being the only one in my branch at work who actually bothered to show up, no boss, no colleagues, just me. I do the valiant thing and keep the entire operation running. This is a herculean task. I am an early riser, so I was in early, every day for a week. Since I was the only person I also stayed to the end of the each day. On top of this, I had my regular work to try and keep up with. To say I was sick of it is an understatement.

On the Friday of this rather hellish week I took a walk around my floor. Total people there: 3. After lunch, it was just 2. I sit at one end of the floor and the other sits way down the other end. Thankfully the afternoon was quiet and I managed to finish off all my work. At around 4pm the other person on the floor did a look around to see if they needed to turn off the lights on their way out, they found me and told me I was all that was left. I need to lock up, turn the lights off when I leave.

Fine, but I have to babysit the phones for another 2 hours. At least when they were around I could go and talk to them for a bit. I take a gamble that no one is going to call for a while and shoot out of the building to a news stand. I am in search of reading material. I buy a Time magazine and while at the stand glance upon a Penthouse.

This is not such a bad proposition, I figure I am feeding mind and body with this purchase. I pick up some food on the way back and settle into my chair. No one had called.

I eat and read Time. I feel enlightened and full.

But, it is plain how the final 45 minutes of my work day will be spent. The tie had been disposed of around lunch time, I reclined my chair, loosened my belt and sprung my cock from it's corporate attire prison.

I started out slow and really took my time over the photos in the magazine. I photo set of a maid really caught my attention. I wished the cleaners in my building looked like this and dressed the same way instead of the stock standard contractor issued uniform.

I was taking longer than normal as I was acutely aware of any noise and kept stopping to see if I needed to extract myself from the situation in a hurry. Thankfully this never happened.

Slowly continuing, I was getting closer and closer to the moment, I increased the pace, stroking furiously now. The magazine had been long forgotten as I was racing towards the edge of orgasm, ready to jump off.

I stretched my legs out as far as they go and stroked the final stroke as 6 fantastically pleasurable arches of cum shot out of my cock onto a waiting chest. I'd just jerked off at work. I let it sink in for a second and came to the conclusion that it didn't really bother me.

By this time I was quite disarranged in my chair and coming to my senses, uncomfortable. I cleaned up, made myself look respectable and not like someone who had just had a wank and checked my watch: 7pm. I called my boss and told them about the marathon effort that week. I secured the following Monday and Tuesday off and some overtime. I went home a happy, drained and contented man.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 Wanking Totals

2008 was going to be the last year of the stats. The trend had been pretty clear and made quite a bit of sense. So far, I get more wanking done when there are less people around the house. 2008 was no different in this respect. The only alteration to 2008 was that I began working and it would be interesting to see the effect of this.

Slightly down on the 1:1 ratio of last year, but still pretty close. The previous years had a fairly clear 66% of all orgasms had when the travelling parent was outside of the country. In 2008 this was reduced to just under 60%. I can attribute this to having 8 fewer hours each day in which to stroke away. I can easily understand the weekends having a fairly high number of orgasms, but during the week I am a little dumbstruck. Thursdays are always good days, tomorrow is Friday. Work is a little slacker, often with a few drinks afterwards. So I tend to start celebrating the weekend around Thursday night. But in general, the weekdays are a little bit of a mystery. Averaged out, I had a wank every Tuesday.

February is a bit of a yardstick. In that month, there are no parents around, so wanking (of course) increases. It skews the trend line a little, but I think allowing for February there isn't much between each month.

I think the stats are well and truly worked over, there isn't too much more to be said and I am no longer collecting them. And in the first few unloadings of 2009, it has taken a little adjusting to not immediately remember the circumstances of an orgasm right after the fact. 2009 will have me actually going on a date. So, I hope this can add a new angle to my postings.

As is customary, the final item of wanking for the year...