Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Daily Wank 379

My love of tabloid newspapers

I'm disappointed the local newspaper here is piece of crap. It's got no journalistic strength and considers itself too classy for Page 3 girls. Which is why I wish I were able to get The Sun. I love tabloid newspapers, it's junk food for the brain, and when there are tits as soon as you open the thing up, even better.

Case in point: Jordan’s filthy book message to boy fan, 13.

JORDAN left a gran fuming after writing an obscene autograph for her 13-year-old grandson at a book signing.

Disgusted Shirley Williams told how the 32-year-old megaboobed star wrote: "To Jack and wet dreams. Jordan."

The model, real name Katie Price, also embarrassed teenager Jack McBirney by asking him "are you staring at my t**s" when they met at the signing for her novel Paradise.

Now I haven't read the book, so my prejudgement might be wrong, but it strikes me that this article states the bleeding obvious.
  1. Of course he was starting at her tits! Who isn't? They are so fucking obvious
  2. There is no other reason a 13 year old boy would be a fan of the "megaboobed star"
  3. The kid fucking loves the comment in the book, and has looked at it again and again
  4. His gran needs to enter the real world
If only I had The Sun in my country...

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Daily Wank 378

Kristen Bell's co-ed photo shoot

Looking at the timestamp this photoshoot was posted, it is certainly old news, but when it comes to Kristen Bell, the opportunity to look should never be passed over. Watching Veronica Mars was always a difficult proposition for me, her character was hot, smart and sarcastic, all things that went straight to the fantasy part of my brain.

One of my first cumpics was for Kristen Bell - posted on GotCum? for those who remember when it was still around.

Happy Weekend Wanking 98

I love these POV videos, and this girl is an absolute cracker! I could easily imagine getting a tongue assisted handjob and blowing a load over my stomach as a result of her expertise ;)


Sorry, video no longer available

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The Daily Wank 371

Happy Weekend Wanking 97

This girl gives an amazingly sloppy blowjob - and I love it! After sucking and drooling all over the guy's balls, she takes the whole load in her mouth and dribbles it all over herself.


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The Last Train Home

On the last train home last weekend I found myself sitting opposite a cute girl. This is not uncommon on the last train home. With it being the last chance to get home, there tends to be a few people who are heading home from a night out, myself included.

She was a average height, had dirty blonde in no particular style, a short white skirt and tight black top. She was disinterestedly playing with her phone, which must have been weighing down on her arm as she shifted her weight to rest her elbow on her leg. Her skirt was already some distance up her leg and this last action edged it up even further revealing a very tight pink thong.

It's difficult to look surreptitious when drunk. All the senses you have for being sneaky and cunning immediately vanish and are generally replaced with leering.

She didn't notice, so I continued to leer.

She shifted around a little bit more, no doubt restless to get off the train. I too was restless, I needed to get home to relieve myself of the growing discomfort in my pants. It was around that time that I felt her eyes on me. I looked up and our eyes locked. Shit, I was sprung. She held my gaze for about 3 seconds, which felt like 3 weeks, and went back to her phone.

Her legs didn't move, my view still spectacular. I continued to look.

The announcement came over the PA for the next station, which roused her from her phone, it must be her stop. She glanced down the train which had steadily emptied over the last few stations and proceeded to cram her phone in her pocket. As we approached the station, she positioned herself on the end of her chair, giving me a magnificent show.

I spotted a tiny little wet patch on the front and my cock strained even more in my now very uncomfortable work clothes. She collected her stuff, walked out of the train and away. As she did I spotted the tiniest smile flicker across the corner of her mouth. She knew exactly what she was doing.

That night I furiously wanked over that image burned into my brain. How nice to have seen even more, to have licked her clit and have her fuck me cowgirl. Her tiny wet spot led to a river of cum winding its way across my chest.

Daisy Lowe for UK Esquire

The shots of her on her knees, bent over that couch are just divine!

The Daily Wank 367

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Daily Wank 366

Vanessa 4

It's pretty obvious I love shooting loads of cum over Vanessa. Every time I do, the orgasm that accompanies feels amazing and the sight of Vanessa covered in my sticky jizz is just amazing! In this one, I especially like the little drops all over her face ;)


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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Daily Wank 364

Happy Weekend Wanking 96

Everybody in this video is having a great time. The guy gets his cock looked after by someone who know what they are doing and she is delighted to get so many spurts of cum as her reward.


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The Daily Wank 362

Candace III

This is the third time I've blasted Candace with cum. She looks more and more beautiful every time I do so. To see cum dripping down her cleavage would be magnificent.


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The Daily Wank 357

Happy Weekend Wanking 95

This video looks sort of painful to be honest. I don't know if I could bend my cock back that far, and it also seems like the sort of thing that might be quite painful to discover. However, the two in this photo obviously love it, she gets the chance to milk as much cum out of him and he...gets to be milked. ;)


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The Daily Wank 350

Happy Weekend Wanking 94

I have no idea who Brooklyn Lee is, but she look stunning with huge cum strands dripping off her face. Those hoop earrings remind me of the fashion when I was at school. They looked slutty then. They still do. ;)


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