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The Daily Wank 315

Happy Weekend Wanking 89

This video is very self explanatory, a cute blonde with fantastic tits coaxes a load out of this guy in...1 minute. A true ode to load!


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Candace II

This is the second time I've emptied a load all over Candace, and once again she has managed to coax a huge blast of cum out of me. The pool on her chin is in just the right place for her to scrape into her mouth and swallow down ;)


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I don't know who this is, but watching this video made me almost blow a load in my pants. At one point she rubs her pussy on the guy's cock, must have felt amazing and being able to watch her ass while she does it would be almost enough to push me over the edge. But she goes on to amaze with a fantastic blowjob and drools the guy's load all over herself.


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After watching this, I somehow get the impression that they weren't satisfied with just one load ;)


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The Daily Wank 298


Mari Kiviniemi is the Prime Minister of Finland and despite the second photo showing her grimly frowning, I think she is quite attractive. If I lived in Finland, with it's many months of snow, I'd imagine she would be quite welcome to see on TV. A true PILF!

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Daily Wank 297


Ann wrote to me a few weeks ago, asking that I cover her and her friend. Well, I just couldn't spare a drop for her friend, so Ann got it all ;)


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I absolutely love the concept of this series. Some over-confident slut literally bets her ass after running through whatever else she had to bet until it all goes wrong...again. So to repay her debt, she can do it only one way: by letting some guys have their way with her. I think it is Rebecca Linares in this clip, there is no better cum dumpster than her!


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