Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Daily Wank 440

Candace IV

Candace is becoming a regular feature here! I was in such high spirits that day, and still so horny after the first coating that I could not resist going back for a second. Much like Maby, my cum spurted exactly where I would have wanted it if she was in front of me :)


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Daily Wank 438

Bass Girl's Panties

As soon as I had read about Bass Girl selling worn pairs of her panties, I was immediately interested. It took me long enough to speak to her about them, and she promptly sent me a pair that she had had 12 orgasms in. The smell of her pussy was amazing and got on everything. My hand, my cock, my balls, everything while I jerked off in them.

It didn't take long before I had worn them out after I had dumped 5 loads into them. They soon became crusty with my dried loads. I had to have another. After seeing DDStasiak "use" a pair, I knew I wanted a lacy pair. I had to see my cum push through Bass' panties. You can watch me do just that. That pair has now held its last load, the fine mesh clogged with load after load of my sticky jizz, and a strong smell being a mix of dried cum and pussy.

Buy some, it's well worth it!

Maby II

This is the second time I've covered Maby, and it's just as good as the first time. I love the way she is staring back at me so intensely. I think I managed to get my cum everywhere I would have loved to have got it if she was kneeling in front of me waiting for my load :)


Some assorted videos

Cum on Breasts - No preview, but this is well worth watching.

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The Daily Wank 434

Happy Weekend Wanking 106

The file name for this simply said "Charlie". I don't know anything more about her. But getting a blowjob from her looks heavenly. She seems to really like pleasing her man and he gives her a generous reward :)


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The Daily Wank 427

Happy Weekend Wanking 105

This clip is great. Briana squirts all over the place, and once she's on top of the world, it just gets better for her by receiving a MASSIVE load.


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Happy Weekend Wanking 104

I'm sorry this is late, I've been quite ill the last few days. Watching this clip has lightened my mood a little after watching this clip. Tyla seems to love tittyfucking, always a huge plus.


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The Daily Wank 421

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The Daily Wank 413

Happy Weekend Wanking 103

If only this was a widely accepted form of currency! Life would be grand...and it would make debt a thing of the past. Human behavior is largely driven by incentives. I think this would reduce crime as people would have a huge incentive to pay! :)


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