Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Scientific Desires

People who have been reading know I study in an area without many, if any people of the female persuasion. There are a few male dominated areas, but science is one of the most fractured. In the biological and environmental sciences there are some, in the physical and computational sciences there are few to none. I am in the latter.

Ok, so we have limited female interaction, and a lot of us are so wrapped up in our own little worlds of complicated theorems, hypotheses and journal articles, that we lose perspective on what constitutes the 'normal'. This is a list of some of the things that, I as one of those odd ones finds arousing.

The smart girl

Males in the sciences love the smart girl. This is not to say there is disdain those not seen as "smart". I put it to any science wonk on his lonesome to resist the advances of a hot, but not-so-smart girl. The idea of a hot, sexy girl sauntering over, but explaining the chemical interactions in your brain and the resultant hardness in your shorts is quite appealing. Nay, very appealing.

Mythbusters doesn't go for the true scientific method (but is fun to watch). Nevertheless, a large contingent of it's viewership would be physicists watching Kari. Scientific rigor and lab safety can be forgotten for a few minutes.

The split personality

There is a movie, which I have forgotten the name of. It had a fairly meek, redhead librarian which some guy asked out on a date. After a fairly routine, hollywood style date, she lures him back to her place and transforms into a dominatrix. I think many wonks like the idea of this. Perhaps the outside personality is so similar it is easier to relate to. Or that from the surface things appear much different than they actually are, much like many scientific workings.

The different girl

Science is not of the mainstream interest. People do not understand chunks of it, and are happy that way. I like to think that being out of the mainstream, makes one interested in things outside of the mainstream. At university there are plenty of women who look like they are ready to go to a nightclub, at 10:30am. They make dicks hard across campus and the previous lecture forgotten in seconds. Yet, I am always intrigued by the women with an overcoat, armful of books and hair that doesn't cooperate. Are they blissfully unaware? Do they not really care? Or is their hair all over the place because her lecture was so boring, she passed the time with a bit of surreptitious rubbing? Science looks for explanations!

The girl who asks

This one is very straightforward, having the girl make the first move is always appreciated. Everybody I know in the faculty has no idea about women. If you are playing hard to get, we wont understand. We may have odd interests, but we don't bite and have working jiggly bits!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sugasm #94

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Friday, August 24, 2007

That Makes Two

I am back at university and have just one semester to go. This is probably one of the toughest semesters I have had in front of me, and I'll be glad when it is all over and done with. For a while now, I have been thinking of going back to the brothel from this experience.

The desire to go had been strong for quite some time, and finding a suitable time was proving to be a lot more complicated than anticipated. Last week there were a few days, but each one had a problem associated with it. I either had a class later on or had to be somewhere at sometime and so on. It just wasn't working out.

This week began, and like most weeks, I had plenty of work to do. As I sat in my office at university, the thought occurred...again. Today was perfect, I had no classes, my work was on track so I could take some time off and the logistics of slipping out undetected for a while were perfect. I finished what I was currently doing and packed up.

I arrive home and find the house deserted, yes! This was going to be much easier than first thought. I tear my clothes off and hop into the shower and well, shower. The previous time I went I masturbated beforehand. Being a novice, I want to last at least a few minutes.

I pull my clothes back on and jump in the car. As I have previously said, after I jerk off, I feel quite unhorny, so the first part of the ride was plagued by doubts. But, I persisted. The last time was great and I know that it doesn't take long for the horniness to return.

Last time I wimped out quite a few times before entering by circling the block. I'd like to say I did the opposite this time, but I can't. I did however wimp out fewer times.

I was buzzed in and prompted to sit down and have a drink. Which found me sitting next to Jackie.

I think I am more confident in front of a crowd. I can act in a play, or deliver a speech relatively easily, but unknown people, in less quantity are more troubling. I klutzed my way through the small talk. Later on in the day I realised that I suck so badly at small talk. If it is about a subject I know something about, I'm like a wind up doll. If it is about something I'm not so knowledgeable about, I am probably interested in finding out more and ask questions. But, just plain conversation, I lack something. I hope to figure this out, any hints? Last time the saving grace was the lady being from a country I have travelled in a fair bit. No such luck this time.

I think the madam realised my utter incompetence at this and swirled past to her counter and asked if I would like to make a booking. Thank heavens for that! With my side of the deal take care of, Jackie led me up the stairs and asked my name. Duh! I should have done that 5 minutes ago!

But, I try my damnedest ignore the ongoing analysis in my head, it helps me with my work and research, but not this. I place my trust in science, so lets see some of those evolutionary traits come to my rescue!

In the room, Jackie senses my inability to say anything useful so takes charge.

J: "Have you been here before?"
Me: "Yes, once. This is my second time overall as well. I'm fairly clueless"
J: "I'm sure you have some idea"

That I do, I hop in the shower and Jackie scurries off for supplies. I try steady my nerves and Jackie re-enters the room. I lay face down on the bed for a massage. This was much better than the last one, which left me in a bit of pain afterwards. Thankfully, my ability to operate my mouth and brain at the same time came back into sync and some amiable chatting followed.

Now, if I see cleavage in the street, my dick hardens. If I walk past a bra and panty shop in the mall, the same. So, I was puzzled that the same was not happening whilst lying on my back. I glance to my right and see Jackie in the final stages of undress and stability in the universe is restored and things are working as expected.

Jackie straddles me and I pipe up with my request that I would be most interested in seeing her masturbate for a while. My rationale is twofold. I like it and I sure am not going to be giving my pleasure from this. But Jackie doesn't do that in front of people - it is private and who am I to pry. Jackie lowers herself onto me.

J: "This is the second time you have been here?"
Me: "Yes, second time here, and second time ever"
J: "But, you've had sex before?"
Me: "Just once, here"

And the penny dropped, I was a bona fide novice.

Jackie eased my fears that most people who go there could go a 100 times and still not know what they are doing. I don't know if easing my mind is the right way to put it, but it didn't make me feel completely useless, so that was good.

Jackie asked if I had a favorite position, but correctly guess that I probably didn't know. She asked if I doggie style, which I do so we tried that for a while, which was fantastic. The last time I was there, I fumbled my way through missionary, but tried that again and seemed to be more coordinated this time.

With me on the bottom again, Jackie enquired if I had orgasmed yet and I hadn't. I asked if this was unusual and she said it was very unusual for someone my age. I felt quite proud of myself. Jackie finished the enjoyment off by rocking back and forth whilst on top of me - it's a poor description, but it felt great! So good in fact it gave my leg a case of the wobbles.

Another shower, got dressed, was wished the best of luck with my university stuff, and off I go.

Again, I am glad I went. I am the sort of person who will think and think and think about something risky until I decide not to do it all. I have taken to acting a little more impulsively, and to much enjoyment and success so far. But, the small talk thing has me flummoxed. I am obviously doing something wrong, but I'm not quite sure how to work on it. Save for any sort of sexual encounter in the future, just being able to strike up and have a conversation with a strange, for conversation sake is something I would like to be able to do.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sugasm #93

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sally & Bill

I wrote this when I had very little to do at work and I thought writing something may help the unstoppable horniness I was feeling. It didn't and seemed to made the clock tick even slower to the end of my shift. It certainly isn't the best written thing, but I hope someone out there reads it through to the end. I picked the names at random, and it's all fiction.

(I am well aware the ending is weak :))


“2 o’clock is fine, see you then.”

I was pleased at this, for a while now I had been trying to find a roommate for the spare bedroom in the house I was renting. My plan had been to quit my stressful cubicle job and down-shift to a less demanding job. I had done just that, I worked part time for a local store, it brought in enough to pay the bills and indulge in my hobbies. However, it was either work more hours or find someone to split the bills with. So far all the potential applicants had something seriously wrong with them. Stoners, crazies, shady background stories, it was all a bit iffy.

Until now. This applicant sounded normal and more importantly, like they would pay on time.

2 o’clock rolls around and there is a knock at the door.

“Hello, are you Bill?”
“Hello, yes I am. You must be Sally, pleased to meet you.”

Sally was gorgeous. 5’10”, long brunette hair tied back and what looked like a good sized set of breasts under her business suit. I showed Sally around the house, which isn’t that impressive, but it is clean and cheap.

“So, what do you think?”
“It’s good, should suit me for a while. Here are my references.”
“It says here that you are an accountant. Why live in a dump like this?”
“I need to save up some cash, this place is cheap. When would I be able to move in?”
“Any time, as early as this weekend if that suits.”
“It’s a deal.”

We signed the necessary papers and Sally promised she would be back on Saturday morning with all of her possessions.

Saturday morning arrived and there was a knock at the door, Sally was moving in. We spent the morning shifting her furniture and whatnot into her room. It was a warm day and I wasn’t due at the store until Tuesday so I had planned to do nothing, all day. Sally had shed her business suit and was in a pair of shorts and a top that exposed her navel. The sight of which caused a tension in my pants.

I spent the rest of my day in my room lazing about, thinking of Sally’s wonderful physique. Would I be able to get a look at the rest of her? I wondered if she shaved her pussy. How often did she play with herself? These were all thoughts that went straight to my cock, which was now darting straight up into the air. It had worked its way past my underpants and was straining against my shorts. A small damp spot had formed where the pre-cum had collected. Running my fingers over the material was bliss. The sensations were shooting down the length of my cock. I pulled my shorts down and started pumping. I thought of Sally’s pussy, dripping its slippery juices all over my cock as it plunged in and out of her. Sally moaning with delight as I fucked her tight snatch. I pumped faster and faster, pre-cum was oozing out in a steady stream. I felt a contraction in the base of my cock, forcing the first jet of cum out and landing on my chest. It was followed soon after by another, and another. The last gushes seeped out and slid down my slippery shaft and nestled on my balls. After such an intense orgasm I had to have a nap.

I woke up after a few hours, the cum had dried and my cock had returned to its unaroused state. I threw on my clothes and headed to the living room, I was hungry. As I was walking down the hall, I could smell a lovely aroma wafting through the house. Sally was cooking something! Better than the ramen I usually ended up having.

“That smells great, what is it?”
“It’s lasagne! I’ve made enough for 2.”

Over dinner Sally and I chatted about ourselves. She insisted on clearing the table, I noticed as she bent down that her shorts were see-through. I could just make out a thong underneath. My cock once again hardened itself in anticipation. I tried to hide the bulge. I didn’t want this new roommate, who cooked, to leave just yet.

Sally glanced at my crotch, for just a split second, blink and you would have missed it. I saw a wry smile flick across her face. At least she wasn’t screaming and running away. I would have to wait.

Monday morning was the beginning of the new week. I of course didn’t start yet, so I had the house to myself. Sally was up early and making a bit of noise.

“What’s going on?”
“This is what people who have jobs do at 7.30 on Mondays.”
“I see.”

Her enthusiasm was frightening. I was used to sleeping til about noon on my days off.

“Would it be ok if I put some washing on when I get home tonight?”
“Sure, it’s summer, plenty of daylight.”
“Thanks, I have to run. Bye!”

My mind drifted, if Sally is doing laundry tonight, then she has dirty clothes in her room. I waited a while until I crept in, in case she had forgotten something.

I eased open the door and walked in. Sure enough, there was a pile of clothes on the floor. Poking out from the side was a few pieces of lingerie. I pulled out a very sexy purple thong. It was miniscule and practically see-through. There were other pieces like this. She wore this on regular work days, how did she concentrate? I lifted her purple panties up to my face and inhaled deeply. Her nether regions smelt wonderful. The smell brought my cock out of its slumber and to attention.

I raced back to my room, stripped off and planted myself in my bed. I inhaled. There was that heady delicious scent. I wrapper her panties in one hand and placed it around my cock, slowly stroking. I thought of where these panties had been, what they had experienced. I envied them. I thought of Sally sitting in her fancy office, doing the busy work I couldn’t wait to give up. How it must bore her. I wondered if she ever rubbed herself through her clothes on days where it was just too much, where she didn’t want to be there. Her cheeks turning red, her breathing speeding up, all the while keeping quiet at all costs. Or maybe she gets bored in the commute home and grinds away at her clit to pass the time. Gobs of cum leapt from my cock and started to be absorbed by her panties. Wave upon wave spurted out, the sticky goo collecting. I wondered if these panties had ever been in a similar situation only with some guy’s jizz leaking out of her pussy.

I wiped off the excess cum and threw her panties back in the pile. In a few hours she arrived home. I don’t know if she suspected anything, but the washing went on, was put out on the line and we shared the usual chit-chat over dinner.

This brings us to Friday night. I had worked the last few days and had little chance to further my aims. We are talking about the weekend.

“What are you doing this weekend, Bill?”
“Probably laze about. Yourself?”
“I think I might do something with the garden out there.”
“Knock yourself out, going to be a hot one though.”

I awoke the next morning eager to commence slacking.

I glance out the window and see Sally planting some new plants. I’ve never been one for gardens, but a bit of green might spruce up the place. I think I was supposed to maintain the garden, but the landlord had never been particularly bothered. You can spot a true slacker from a mile off!

Sally was wearing tiny white shorts and a tight fitting tank top. Not the best choice for gardening. I was peering out of the living room window and could see that it was hot out there, very hot. The forecast said it could be 100 degrees today. I should do the kind thing and take out a cool drink.

I walk out with a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses. I invited Sally over.

“This looks great, better than anything I could ever do.”
“Thanks, it’s almost done. Then I want to have a nap inside, with the air-con.”
“That’s thinking like a slacker!”

Sally stood up and stretched her arms up in the air, arching her back backwards, thrusting her chest and pussy towards me. I quickly glanced and saw what I had been dreaming of, these were see-through shorts! She was clean shaven spare a small strip of hair. My mind raced, my cock arched. I had to go. I politely excused myself and headed inside.

My room gives a better view of the garden than the living room. I peer out of the window and see Sally getting back to work. Only this time it seemed a little more deliberate. The movements were dripping sex. She rubbed her wonderful tits often, more often than you would think. I started to furiously pump my cock. This was better than porn! She bends over to position a plant. Her firm, perfectly rounded ass sticks up into the air. You could bounce a coin off it. Just imagine Sally offering herself up doggie style, that ultra tight asshole at just the right height. The moan as I plop my cock in, and begin to thrust. I imagine fingering her clit while I am at it. She is moaning with ecstasy. Oh how I’d love to fuck her asshole and blow wads of cum all over her back. I begin to lose control and shoot my load all over the wall. The sticky cum clings on and I wipe it off.

It was a windy night. A howling gale was sweeping the town, but I could hear something. Was it the sound of wind, or was it something else? I thought it was wind, had to be. But when the wind died down for a while the sound continued. That can’t be wind. I listen closer, it sounds a lot more like moaning than wind. I decide to investigate. I walk outside and check the perimeter, nothing. But I see Sally’s light on. I creep toward the window and see Sally standing there, naked with her back to me. She is sniffing a pair of her panties. She sniffs her own panties? I look closer and see that they are the purple pair I made a deposit in. Come to think of it, I didn’t see them on the washing line. She is sniffing me!

She slips the panties on and lays down on her bed. Her legs parted and arched upwards. She begins to rub her clit, slowly at first, but getting faster and faster. I too and pleasuring myself. My cock is standing straight out from me and is begging for attention. I imagine myself in there with her. Stroking next to her, while she is playing with herself. Her breathing is short and sharp, her moaning is loud and pronounced. She switches to a vibrator and rubs it over her clit, letting the buzzing machine stimulate her love button. She begins to pant and lets out a cry of delight and wave after wave of orgasm ripples through her body. She quivers involuntarily and collapses, spent. I imagine myself in there next to her, straddling her frame and dumping sticky threads of cum on top of her many times soiled panties. Watching the white goo slip through the lace and drip into her snatch. My cock lurches and shoots cum out onto the newly replanted garden. Does cum make good plant food?

However, little did I know that I had been watched throughout this. Sally was planning on making a move.

I awoke the next day, eager to see what Sally was wearing today. I rushed out to the living room and was gobsmacked. A tiny bikini top and bottom.

“I’m going to do a little sunbathing today.”

She walked outside and lay down on the one deck chair, it was there when I moved in. She looked so fucking hot, I wanted to go out there, rip her clothes off and drain my balls. I stayed inside, watching TV while taking intermittent gawking breaks.

Around the middle of the day she came in, she had a thin film of sweat on her. It made her glisten in the light. My cock, once again with a mind of its own sprung to life. Sally kept her gaze fixed and sauntered over. She knelt down in front of me and whispered

“I know what you have been doing, I have just been waiting for the right time, the time to make us both explode. Now strip!”

I ease my shorts off and pull my shirt off.

I gingerly reach out and slip my hand into her bikini, her perfect 34D tits filling a hand and wonderful to the touch. She stands up and sheds her scraps of clothes. She gets down on her knees in front of me, my cock standing upright and dumping pre-cum.

“You can have your way with me. But I want you to last more than a few minutes. Do you ever think of my mouth?”
“What about it.”
“I think about cum dripping out of your mouth and down your chin. I think of you gleefully downing a cockload of jizz”

Sally begins to lick the underside of my cock. She whips her tongue around the head. A strand of pre-cum latches onto her tongue and she sucks it up. Her mouth forms a vacuum over my head and she sucks up all the moisture. Sally swills this around in her mouth. She spits the mixture out over my cock and begins to suck. Her head bobs back and forth. This is the best blowjob I had ever had. She stops for a second, her hair all messed up and says to not be afraid to cum in her mouth. No problem! She continues to suck, saliva slips down the shaft and pools around my balls. She turns her attention to my neglected nuts and sucks and plays with each. Her hand slowly rubbing the shaft. I motion that I am near. She promptly puts my cock back in her mouth. I start to thrust along in motion with her.

Not long now.

I can feel my muscles tense.


What seems like a tidal wave of cum is unleashed into her mouth, wave after wave of my orgasm throws yet more into the cavern of her mouth. I ease out of her mouth and fall back into the chair, tired.

“Does that taste good?”

Sally could only moan as she swished the warm liquid around her mouth.

Sally wanted more, she started teasing my flaccid prick, blowing softly and running her fingernails over the head.

“Bill, this time I want to you fuck me, hard. I want to feel your hard cock deep inside me.”

Sally carried on for a while, her words echoing through my head. I could feel some blood trickle down to my cock, it slowly starting to rise. Sally squealed in delight. Sally positioned herself on the couch, offering up her pussy. The juices sparkled in the light and a few threads plunged downwards. Oh how I wanted to ram my dick into her and thrust away. But, I also wanted to blow a load like never before.

I plunged my face into her pussy, the smell was even stronger than her purple panties. The aroma was overpowering. I lashed my tongue across her clit. The juices were free flowing now, gushing out, the slippery mess allowing me to finger fuck her tight snatch. Sally’s moaning continued and got ever more intense. Would she orgasm soon?

“I’m too close. If you keep going, I will cum. I want your cock”

I stood up and lined up, Sally’s cunt is quivering. I tease her clit with the head and slowly slide in. Sally was so tight, tighter than any other pussy I had been in. I started to thrust slowly, almost removing my cock with each stroke, but going as far in as I could with each stroke. Sally was panting heavily.

“FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!” she bellows. I increase the speed and ram my cock into her. With each thrust she meets me by sliding backwards. My balls are slapping heavily against her legs.

“You like that don’t you?”
“Yeahhhh, harder, harder!”

I can feel her tight cunt grip my cock. She begins to convulse and I can feel wave after wave of her orgasm ripple through her. It is finally time to me to cum. I lose control and feel the wave of warm sticky liquid come gushing out and into her slippery cunt.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Underboob Tribute

In case you haven't been following it or are completely unaware, Ms. Underboobery, at Underboob has a different (and commendable) view on the usual cleavage shots.

Stuff has happened, and as I promised, I would deliver a tribute.


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Party

What an...unexpected week.

I was out with friends and arrived home to find a note pinned to the door. The neighbor's daughter (who I will call R) was having her 18th birthday party, and to please excuse the noise. This is no problem, our two households have always got along quite well.

I went down to the shops to buy something for her. This past fortnight, I have felt on top of the world, which I am not upset about, but I can't explain why. So, it has been a good week for people other than me because when I am in a good mood, I tend to become quite charitable.

Not knowing much about her tastes or interests, I picked a fairly innocuous bunch of flowers and card. I scribbled some well wishes on the card and tracked over to her house.

I was invited to stick around for a bit, which I duly did. I met all the friends, told some jokes and got on pretty well with everyone. Parties and me are an odd mix. I don't quite see the appeal, and am usually loathed to go. Once there however, I tend to get swept up and quite unsuspectingly have been called the "life of the the party" a few times.

I walk by R, on the way to some food.

R: "Thank you for the flowers, they are lovely"
Me: "Glad you liked them"
R: "You didn't have to do that"
Me: "I know that, but we've been neighbors for years and it isn't everyday you turn 18"
R: "Follow me"

I watch her saunter down the hallway. This is unchartered territory for me, but I recently watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off. There is one line in that film that I try to apply whenever I feel apprehensive about something:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it"
So I follow her to her room.

R reminds me about the little chat from the other day, and I tell her I hadn't forgotten. R tells me she is going to do what she wanted to do that day.

My mind is racing, holy crap!, WTF!?, a few hours ago I was in a movie theatre and now this?, won't someone notice her absence from her own party?. My breathing quickens and my eyes start to go into overdrive searching the room for something to remind me that this might be a dream, but I find nothing. It is all too real as I feel my fly making its descent, and blood diverting from parts my brain deems unnecessary at this point toward my crotch.

R: "I noticed you earlier, noticing these"
Me: "In the last 18 months either, you filled out, or changed the type of shirt you wore"

It should be obvious, but I like breasts.

R lowers her top, so the neckline sits snugly underneath her breasts, pushing them slightly upwards and together. It would appear that due to their tanned complexion, there has been many a time she has been topless 15 feet from my room, over the fence and to their back yard. These are the second pair I have seen in my lifetime, so I am no gauge, but to me, they felt great. Firm, but not too firm, soft but not too soft.

Her warm (and thank god, it was a cold night) hand moves my underpants to one side, dribbles a little saliva onto her hand and wraps around my shaft and begins stroking. Pretty soon, my self-made lubrication oozed out into the gooey mix, making it extra slippery.

Me: "Uhh, R, where..." (This is one circumstance I still don't know how to begin to say)
R: "Right here (motioning to her breasts)"

I can feel my balls tighten, my breathing quicken to a frenetic pace and my dick's "aim" being lowered on target. The stroking is at a pace which is quicker than vision can keep up with and I feel the the rush and contractions spurt out one, two, three, four, five, six! shots onto her waiting breasts.

R unhands me, looks up and grins

Me: "Well, that was the best part of that week"
R: "Glad you liked it, I did"
Me: "You know you could have just hugged me and that would have been enough"
R: "Well, it isn't everyday you turn 18"

I pulled the towel off her chair back and cleaned up for her, rehoused my dick and mingled back into the party (as far as I know) undetected. Even as I type this post, the images in my mind flood back, and then expectantly flood my pants.