Thursday, April 05, 2007

I took the plunge

Lately things have been going real well for me. This usually makes me think there is bad news waiting around the corner, but so far it hasn't eventuated. In the past week and a half I;

  • Graduated university
  • Got some really good marks
  • Had a few breakthroughs with my thesis
  • Got a job - of sorts
  • Am the leanest I have been in many years

I was thinking that I would visit a brothel soon, but I wasn't sure when that would be. I had the money and I had some free time coming up, but I didn't have an actual day and time when I would head in. I was on the long distance call for my interview the other day and it went real well, I was amazed at being head-hunted for the dream job, when the thought popped into my head. Why not today?

I had some free time that day, it could be done logistically and I was certainly ready to do something I wouldn't normally do. I did some work. The more and more I though about it at work, the more and more it felt like the thing to do.

But there were some problems. How do I have a shower in the middle of the day, for no apparent reason? I hadn't had a wank in a few days, I didn't want my first time to last half a minute and then be all over with.

I went home and invented some reason to have a shower - it worked. I hopped into the shower washed up and jerked off at the same time, I can multi-task!

Got dressed, double checked the address and headed off. I drove past the place without realizing and had to do a U-turn. I then missed the turn for the car park and had to back track. I then wimped out a further 2 times and had to do more circuits. I got irritated with myself and thought that this would be it, no more stuffing around.

Inside I was introduced to everyone working that day and was given something to drink. In a rare act of forwardness, I sit down next to someone and strike up a conversation. To my good fortune, we had something in common, which made the small talk a lot easier for me to participate in.

She went and fetched the madam, who duly took care of my credit card and directed me to follow Sophie to the room. I hopped in the shower and Sophie went off to find the necessary stuff.

First was a massage. I am not sure what a massage is supposed to be, but is it supposed to hurt the next day? It felt good at the time though. During that time, we continued our conversation that we started downstairs. There is something odd and yet strangely arousing discussing energy policy with a half naked woman.

I was on the bottom and Sophie was on top, she took it upon herself to show me a few positions. Most enjoyable was from behind, she said she liked the position with her lying on her side. She said it was more or less a rite of passage to try the traditional missionary position. However, Sophie's advice was that it was rather tedious and to use others when possible. I'm hardly in a position to know say one way or the other.

After that, I was on my back again, with Sophie using her hand. Sophie suggested I cum on her breasts, and who am I to reason with something like that?

Afterwards, we both had a shower, got dressed and went our separate ways.

I said I would this year, and now I am no longer a virgin :)


liao said...

Way to go! Congratulations.

tasman said...

Loser. (You've finally lost it!)

Anonymous said...

Seems as if you're feeling better - congratulations!

Anonymous said...

What a loser! You gave your virginity to a prostitute!

wanklogger said...

Ok then.

So, what is your recommendation for people who do not have any other means currently available to them? Would you be suggesting that the socially awkward should not be allowed to enjoy the pleasures humans are capable of? I've never really seen my virginity as anything more than a state, as in I am currently wearing long pants, but that will change, not as some sort of defining characteristic. I am the same person I was the day before I went. Although, now I walk with a little more pride, a little more confidence in myself.

Why is it so vital that I be intact/pure or whatever the fuck virginity is supposed to represent? If any future partners have a problem with the way I lost mine, then that is their problem. I'm not angry or ashamed with myself, for the simple reason that I took action to satisfy a lacking.

I would rather be judged based on ideas, thoughts, contributions and the way I carry myself as a member of society. Not on my obedience to a moral code I don't subscribe to.

If you think what I did was reprehensible, then fine. The least you could do is see the world from others' view. I'd really like to understand why you see it as bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, wanklogger!!!

I was the original one who spoke in favor of doing this a few months back. I am so glad, you are already showing the effects of it.

" I walk with a little more pride, a little more confidence in myself."

Good for you! I knew this was exactly what was going to happen.

I'm also glad about your responses to the negative anonymous comment. Personally I don't get what being virgin is supposed to do for your first one. Well, besides having no experience and totally blowing it with someone you really like.

If you want clues as to why people think this way, this has to do more with religion and its corrosive effects on the rational mind than with any objective positive reason.

That is a moral code I don't subscribe to myself either.

BTW, that sounds like something Ayn Rand would write. If you haven't read her, do so. You might find a lot to like...

Al Sensu said...

Get it any way you can, I say.

Anonymous said...

Sweet story. It happended to me also, its easier in Australia because there is plenty of commercial sex. Looking back years later I don't regret it and it gave me more confidence to pursue girls without stressing that I had to do it. My advice would be to see working ladies as often as you can.

tasman said...

Is your right hand still jealous?

wanklogger said...

No :(. I have been inundated with work for my post-grad I have had almost no time to even think about wanking.

tasman said...

Not too sure whether this blog has a purpose anymore. Now that you've got your rocks off, your wanking seems to have curtailed.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, wank logger. I'm in my final year of university and still hanging on to the big V too. It took a lot of balls to do what you did, so well done mate.

wanklogger said...

tasman: My wanking has curtailed, but not my desire! I think it is more to do with the current workload at university, which is liable to get a little more before the semester is over :(

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've only just discovered your blog! That is awesome news, congrats! I was so excited for you, hahaha

sarah :)

Le calme avant l'orage said...

I would say that you more "gave it away" than lost it. You chose the time and place, even who you wanted. Also, I think that in some ways, it would be best done like this. I lost mine to a complete jackass, and while I thought I was "giving it away", I really wasn't, as it was all peer pressure and whatnot. So you could have given it to someone who would not care at all about it, or to someone that you thought it would mean the world, and possibly end up breaking up in a few months. I know, a bit pessimistic, but whatever.