Friday, June 30, 2006

June totals

It's time for the figures for June.

June didn't go well at all I am sad to report.

I masturbated a total of only 24 times. Which is the lowest so far this year. It was split evenly with 12 times recorded for the traveling parent in the country and out.

The totals for the year so far are:

Total: 194
In country: 59 (30.4%)
Out of country: 135 (69.6%).

Unfortunately the traveling parent returns early next week reducing my chances again and getting July off to a bad start.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The denial

I am not quite sure why people deny that they masturbate. What is so wrong with it?

I once watched a documentary on TV about sex. It featured the former US Surgeon General , Joycelyn Elders who stated (paraphrased) that 99% of people masturbate and 1% lie. Without having any medical background, I'd agree with those figures.

I understand people not wanting their friends and family knowing their habits, as I do. But if any of my friends or family thought that I did not masturbate, they are seriously deluded.

One time at a party a friend of mine was chatting to me and said she caught her boyfriend masturbating a few weeks prior. I asked why she was telling me this, it should be a private matter. She wanted advice (I am not quite sure what I can offer, I have extremely bad luck with people of the female persuasion). She felt he was cheating on her. How is that cheating? I just don't get it.

Another friend of mine claims that she has never masturbated. Not a once. I asked why? It feels great, can help you fall asleep, relieves stress and tension and in general makes you feel good. Nope, all that is rubbish, because if you masturbate it is because you can't find someone. Again, what is that about? I just don't get it.

Why deny you masturbate?! I masturbate whenever I get a chance, and I wouldn't change that for anything!

Do you know anybody in denial? Anyone who refuses to accept that it is very probable that someone they know has a wank when they are not around?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Praise the airplane!

The 21st marks the departure of the traveling parent! I can masturbate with much ease now!

I originally started the idea of logging all the times I masturbated to see if there was a correlation between the parent's presence and my rate of masturbation.

Well so far for this year, the figures are

31.7% when in country
68.3% not in country

That's a fairly good difference I think. :)

I have also had a chance to try out the other inserts I got with my fleshlight. The Super ribbed and Ultra Tight. Again, all fantastic. The ultra tight requires a far whack of lube to be comfortable, but other than that is great. Some of the best money spent.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Like I predicted, I got a chance on Thursday to give the fleshlight a try. On Wednesday night I managed to unpack everything and have a quick look at it. The first thing that struck me was just how big it is. The pictures do not demonstrate this properly, it is quite a sizable device. Secondly, if you are planning to hide this under its guise of a flashlight; dream on. Apart from not even looking like any flashlight I've ever seen, it has "Fleshlight" emblazoned on the side!

But that is all pretty much irrelevant.

I cannot stress enough to soak the inserts in warm water for a few minutes beforehand. I figured that was a little too much to do, but I soon realized that it is indeed a very good idea. My hand is kept an ok temperature by my body, but the fleshlight isn't, it was freezing cold! I also bought two tubes of lube, so I picked one (I think "ID Glide" was the name, I don't normally use lube, let alone buy it, so I do not know too much about that subject). Applied some inside and out and got to work.

The inserts I ordered were;

  • "Wonderwave" with the "lady" orifice
  • "Super Ribbed", non - descript
  • "Ultra Tight", butt.

I decided for the maiden run I would go with the wonderwave.

Well, I started out and thought I was going very well, I had lasted a few minutes and from what I had read on their forums, this was most certainly not the norm for first timers. I also found the "wonderwaves" to be pretty weak. Then I remembered the endcap that lets you adjust the suction. I had the thing screwed on tight. So I figured I should give that a fiddle and see what I could make of it. I unscrewed it about half and it made an instant difference. The waves were all too real and like a shot of sensation to the head of my penis. My personal preference is definitely with the endcap loosened. :)

So how was it? Very good, the payoff from all that messing about with lube, water, waiting and anticipation was outstanding. A knee wobbling orgasm being the result, that lasted a lot longer than usual. It is a little difficult to count the contractions during any ejaculation, your mind is on other things, but I would say roughly double with the fleshlight.

So I cleaned up, and had a sit down, it was a draining experience.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely. It is very different from using your hand, and provides things your hand cannot (like ribbing / waves). Plus the sticky situation of where to blow can be easily dealt with, right in it! I would say the only downside is that if you live in a shared situation (ie, with parents), you cannot just "rub one out" with it. There is a considerable bit of time getting ready and cleaning up. Although I'm sure this will decrease as I am more familiar with things. If you got the cash spare; GET IT! :D

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Everything is arriving!

Well, what a great 2 days! Customs finally stopped messing me about with my porn and released it. So that was a nice surprise yesterday.

I had been following the progress of the parcel with my fleshlight in it for a little while now. First of all I have to hand it to the postal service for their tracking service, it is very complete and works across borders, to my amazement. So I saw that yesterday it entered my country, and was cleared by customs. I thought Thursday at the earliest. I got up this morning and saw that it had cleared customs (again?) just after midnight. I still figured Thursday was the go. I went to the Post Office and...there was a card in my PO box telling me there was a parcel awaiting collection. Could it be?


So now the agonizing wait, knowing it is sitting in its box, faithfully waiting to be screwed, but I haven't had the chance yet. I think there should be a chance tomorrow morning. I, of course will be posting an account of it :)

The Porn Conundrum - Mature - 5

It's been a while, but the next in my series of the porn I like is mature women. I'm sure you could read in what you like about this particular fancy, but that's all a bit irrelevant. I like women with a few lines around the face, a few little flaws makes it all a bit more real and believable. Plus having the impression that they know a thing or two more than their younger counterparts, you can let your mind run riot over the possibilities. If I ever want a sure fired way to get an erection and to spurt out a decent sized load, I turn to the MILFs.

Of course, there must be some photos ;)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sugasm #36

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Friday, June 09, 2006

The latest

Well its been a little while since I last posted. I've been working flat out for the past week trying to sort a whole heap of stuff for an upcoming sale. I was crook for a little while in there as well. Combine all that and I have had to neglect a few things, like this.

The travelling parent has returned, and the number of times I have masturbated since is too low. So far only a total of 3 times. It is starting to consume me, I am forever looking for chances, but they are just not showing up. I hope this will change soon.

I am also waiting on the last of my porn order from January. It has taken a few extra days than usual, so it has either been held up at customs, or some overly conservative customs officer has confiscated it. My country has laws concerning pornography that are very open to interpretation, and it often seems to come down to the individual customs officer's personal view or politics as to whether or not something will be let in.

In further news, I finally have saved up enough cash to afford a fleshlight! It has been ordered, and now I patiently (and desperately!) await its arrival. Although I don't think I will get a chance to use it too much early on. I figure I should spend some time getting used to it. If I haven't got the time to have a quick tug now without it, I don't think there will be a lot of time with it :(

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Porn Conundrum - Tits - 4

What can I say? I am a red blooded male, and I love tits. Big, small, natural, fake, they are alllll good. :)

Not really too much I can say about this particular characteristic, and I guess the vast majority of my wanking counterparts also love them too. There is a connection in my previous favorites post and breasts though :)

I like to see breasts with a bit of mystery about them. A shirt half off, on and so on, such as this;