Friday, June 16, 2006


Like I predicted, I got a chance on Thursday to give the fleshlight a try. On Wednesday night I managed to unpack everything and have a quick look at it. The first thing that struck me was just how big it is. The pictures do not demonstrate this properly, it is quite a sizable device. Secondly, if you are planning to hide this under its guise of a flashlight; dream on. Apart from not even looking like any flashlight I've ever seen, it has "Fleshlight" emblazoned on the side!

But that is all pretty much irrelevant.

I cannot stress enough to soak the inserts in warm water for a few minutes beforehand. I figured that was a little too much to do, but I soon realized that it is indeed a very good idea. My hand is kept an ok temperature by my body, but the fleshlight isn't, it was freezing cold! I also bought two tubes of lube, so I picked one (I think "ID Glide" was the name, I don't normally use lube, let alone buy it, so I do not know too much about that subject). Applied some inside and out and got to work.

The inserts I ordered were;

  • "Wonderwave" with the "lady" orifice
  • "Super Ribbed", non - descript
  • "Ultra Tight", butt.

I decided for the maiden run I would go with the wonderwave.

Well, I started out and thought I was going very well, I had lasted a few minutes and from what I had read on their forums, this was most certainly not the norm for first timers. I also found the "wonderwaves" to be pretty weak. Then I remembered the endcap that lets you adjust the suction. I had the thing screwed on tight. So I figured I should give that a fiddle and see what I could make of it. I unscrewed it about half and it made an instant difference. The waves were all too real and like a shot of sensation to the head of my penis. My personal preference is definitely with the endcap loosened. :)

So how was it? Very good, the payoff from all that messing about with lube, water, waiting and anticipation was outstanding. A knee wobbling orgasm being the result, that lasted a lot longer than usual. It is a little difficult to count the contractions during any ejaculation, your mind is on other things, but I would say roughly double with the fleshlight.

So I cleaned up, and had a sit down, it was a draining experience.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely. It is very different from using your hand, and provides things your hand cannot (like ribbing / waves). Plus the sticky situation of where to blow can be easily dealt with, right in it! I would say the only downside is that if you live in a shared situation (ie, with parents), you cannot just "rub one out" with it. There is a considerable bit of time getting ready and cleaning up. Although I'm sure this will decrease as I am more familiar with things. If you got the cash spare; GET IT! :D

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Jake said...

I was wondering whether or not to give this gadget a go, but you have convinced me... I guess I will take your word for it and order one asap.