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A bumper post this week, 50 weeks is a bit of a milestone. I'm in hospital for a bit, so I am not really around at the moment. But this is no reason to not keep the weekly wanking posts going!

I love the simplicity of these two, no messing around, just plain old cumshots. Perfection!

Happy wanking!

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I've cum on Lanny Barbie in the past, and in my opinion, it was one of the best cumpics I've done to date. I think this video is probably a good summary of some of the stuff that went through my head when I was making it!

Happy wanking!

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I fell in love with Jackie's huge smile as she was pummelled with all that cum, something I'd love to do myself.

That long hair is such a turn on, who wouldn't want to see that all messed up after a good fuck? ;)

Happy wanking!

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Vanessa and Friend

In the selection of cum draining photos that Vanessa has sent me over the past few months, none got such an immediate erection out of me such as this one with her friend, Mary.


Vanessa 2

I've previously cum on Vanessa and had a great time doing so! She sent me another photo of herself and asked me to cum on that one, which I then never got round to posting here.


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Mandy is an unknown from the internet. But she has magnificent tits, the guy is very lucky to be able to cum on them. If I had a chance, it'd be exactly where I'd aim as well!

Happy wanking!

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