Monday, November 24, 2008

Maria III

Maria (and here) was the first non-celebrity I posted. Maria's boyfriend sent me some photos from a recent overseas trip and to say I was excited by the happy snaps is an understatement. My cock sprung to attention the second I opened the email.

I chucked in the third photo to show where the first few shots landed.


Monday, November 17, 2008

The Back Wank

Last night I was lying on the floor of my room, typing up some emails. It's not particularly comfortable down there and I kept having to readjust my legs and hips just to satisfy my cock. It spent the bulk of the time flopping around from side to side and me avoiding lying on it in a most uncomfortable and possibly painful way.

All this shifting around came with friction with my boxers and friction with the carpet. My cock was soon rock hard. In an effort to get comfortable, I tucked my cock straight down, so it pointed towards my feet. Finally, comfort and I were reunited!

I finished up my emails and went to move to get up. A sharp jolt of pleasure was felt. In my new position, my erection had continued, with my cock closing the gap toward my feet. In this position, my foreskin had peeled back and exposed the tender underside of my cock to the coarse fabric of my boxers. 

I stuck my hand down in between my legs from the back and found my target. I flicked my finger back and forth across the tender part and felt the tension and pleasure mount. I had never 'jerked' off in this odd position. It felt really good though. The novelty of it all had left me in a very excited state. 

However, the usual dribble of pre-cum which I use for lubrication was not possible to get at. I ran my hand through my mouth to gather up some excess saliva and went back to rubbing my cock. 

I could feel the moment fast approaching. It was at this time that I realized there was nothing to catch the resultant cum. Only my boxer shorts and the floor. But I just could not stop. The crinkly boxer shorts would have to be dealt with later, there is no way I wanted to stop.

I flicked and rubbed until I could feel my breathing quicken and the cum beginning to rush out my cock. My orgasms when only stimulating the underside are always more intense. I felt every spurt gush out as each lurch of my cock was pressing into the floor. 

I caught my breath and stood up. The damp patch on the front of my boxers was huge. I rolled them into a ball and tossed them into the corner of my room. I awoke today and saw that they had indeed become quite crinkly, but I was too excited to care as I try again tonight!