Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is the first time I have done a photo that isn't of a celebrity or public figure. This is Maria, someone's girlfriend. I was asked to 'use' her photo and post the results for the world to see.

Maria is 27 years old, from Helsinki in Finland and her boyfriend is from Austria


Anonymous said...

Tasman asks:

Did she ask you or he?

You shoot a good load, WL but I am interested more in your recent taly.

wanklogger said...

It was 'he' :)

I think I'll do a half yearly tally. So, not long.

CelebritySplatt! said...

Nice! Ohhh! I could so get turned on doing that over pictures of a friend or two. :-P

wanklogger said...

Well, if you want a friend on here, send me an email :)

Mickey said...

Another nice load well positioned Wanklogger. The last photo I wanked on was my next door neighbor MILF. I had a picture of her I took at a barbecue she had. Then about a month later I happened to be standing by her driveway when she came home from her kids school and getting out of her minivan she got distracted by one of her kids and gave me the most awesome view right up her skirt. A full panty-clad-cunt-view (PCCV for short). I went straight indoors and had an awesome wank thinking of what I had just seen. She featured in at least one wank fantasy every day for weeks afterwards. Then I remembered the photo, and I got to wank al over her cute face.