Monday, June 09, 2008

The Other Building

Work has been pretty exhausting the last few weeks, but I have settled in and getting into the swing of things. However, I have had a lot less time for posting, which has been frustrating.

For someone who likes the whole woman-in-business-attire "thing", working in an office can be a rather difficult prospect. You are confronted with tight blouses, high heels, and the occasional outline of a rather small pair of panties. And, at the same time, you can't do a thing about it. I have to work with these people.

However, being in the city, there are loads of other buildings, and plenty of people in them. I was lucky enough to get a window with a view. It's basically a crap view that affords me a view of more buildings. But, given the right time of the day (early morning or late afternoon), when the sun is in the right position, I can see into the surrounding buildings with no hindrance. It's like a multiscreen TV set.

I like to start work as soon as the building is open (around 7 in the morning), the sooner I start, the sooner I can go home. The other day, I was sitting there, the only one in the office, just busying myself with my files. Had plenty to do, but wanted to get them in order first.

The sun hits the right spot, and I tend to stop working and have a look at the other buildings to see what is going on there.

I notice a secretary getting stuff from the printer, taking it back to her desk and repeating the process several times. She finishes that and sits down for a bit. I love her hair, it is brunette and long. Really long, goes to the small of her back. That is about all I've seen.

She disappears for a few minutes and comes back clutching a collection of clothes. Seeing things like this is common in the city. We are all stuck there during business hours, so we do a lot of our personal affairs there. Get keys cut, shoes resoled and dry cleaning gets collected.

I want her to turn around so I can see her face, and she eventually does. I can't exactly see details because of the distance and glass. She does a quick scan outside the building, satisfied, she turns back around. Next her blouse comes off. Followed by her freshly dry-cleaned blouse being put on. She adjusts her hair, sits back down and taps away on her computer.

I had just witnessed something pretty ordinary, someone changing a shirt. But it was amazing. It was around this time parts of the office I am in start to show up.

I wish forbidden fruit was much more attainable :)


Jezebel VonTizzle said...

i find it very refreshing when it is something quite ordinary that peeks your attention. and that in itself can draw its own story.

great blog!

Anonymous said...

tasman says:

So you are still alive!

wanklogger said...

Thank you jezebel. I like it too. I tend to look at the irrelevant details - there are often interesting stories as to why they are the way they are.

I am still around Tasman, no doubt about that. Work takes its fair share of time though :|

Mickey said...

New to your blog... loving it so far!

Anonymous said...

I love letching at the ladies in my office. It's an important part of every day's work.


Anonymous said...

Love to see the outline of their panties. I know that they wear them to tease us guys into watching and waiting for more views of them, bending over or just walking thru the office!!