Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Used Clothing

With the start of work, any chance at wanking during the day is shot. No drama, there is plenty of non work time, and plenty of chances to have a tug.

In the first place, my wanking was quite limited. I came home quite tired and worn out, limited energy to do anything. Now I have fit into the rhythm, and sorted myself out at work, I am full of beans when I am home.

During the week, my wanking has been exceptional. I think the fact I have limited free time has made me value my time a lot more. The weekend, of course has plenty of time available.

Like the other night, I had got out of the shower and was wide awake, I was in no state to go to sleep and I was horny as all hell. I hadn't cum in a few days, and it was starting to get a little uncomfortable at work. I have a soft spot for the office type, with tightly pulled back hair coupled with an equally tight business suit. My building is full of them.

I did something that is not particularly erotic, nor risqué: I unloaded in a sock. I had noticed a pair of socks had developed a hole. Out of laziness I chucked them near the bin and there they sat for a while.

I lay on my bed, stroking away, close to the moment when I remembered the sock. I hopped up, grabbed it and lay back down.

Stroke, stroke, stroke and sure enough my muscles tensed up and gooey liquid filled the end of the sock. Some seeped through the material and the dark moist patch slowly expanded. I felt some slide down the back of my cock, which was caught partway down.

I just wish I had a touch more free time, or a boss that liked coming in late, and leaving early.

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