Friday, April 30, 2010

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I've wondered on the porn actresses who have made the jump to more respectable films, wouldn't people always be trying to get them in sex scenes? Would people on set treat them worse than other actors (treat them badly, they are jerks a lot of the time! :P)?

Either way, this week's clip features someone who has made the jump.

Happy wanking!

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I love Nautica Thorn's scenes. She is so enthusiastic in them and it certainly helps that I have a soft spot for Asian girls ;)

Happy wanking!

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The Daily Wank 3


As soon as I saw Fabienne's fantastic cleavage, I just knew where I wanted to shoot my cum :). I couldn't stop thinking about how much her tits were begging to break out of that bikini.



I'm headed off on holidays for a while, as I have done previously, here is a random lot of photos from the stash. :)


I was sent this photo of Cristell, I was blown away by how hot she was. How I'd love to shoot my cum on those lips for real... :)


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The Daily Wank 1

I'm going to start "The Daily Wank", a picture every day, selected at random from my vast selection.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Extravagance: Part 2

There is of course a second part to my weekend of excess. During a big night out with some friends on the other side of the country, we went to the strippers (of course) and after that I had the excellent idea of visiting the brothel I'd been to before. I was going home the following afternoon, so I wouldn't have a chance later. It was on.

I made my way over there and sat down in the lounge where I was introduced to everyone. This absolutely stunning Swedish girl was also the friendliest. My mind was set, I knew who I wanted to spend the next hour with. I made the arrangements and headed upstairs with her.

She was a little shorter than me, had perfectly sized breasts, long blonde hair, and a lovely accent - the stereotypical Swedish girl from all the porn featuring stereotypical Swedish girls.

I had a quick shower and lay down on the bed for a massage. She was proficient at this, and I felt a lot more comfortable very quickly.

The passage of time and combination of alcohol don't make for the best recollections of memory, so I am not 100% clear on the order of things. She started by stroking my cock, slowly but firmly. My cock sprang to life quite soon, so I was confident I would actually be up to performing that night. After that, I can remember her being on top, me being on top & doggie style.

But perhaps the best parts were her kneeling down in front of me and sucking my cock, porn style. Seeing her take the entire length from above made me so horny, I could have exploded in her mouth right there, but I didn't.

She got back on the bed and I straddled her middle, my cock bobbing around the perfect position to fuck her tits. She squirted some lube on them and rubbed it in slowly, running her hand across my cock as she did so. She took off the condom and squeezed her tits together and I slid my cock in.

It felt spectacular!

I knew I was close, but continued thrusting. I could feel the edge approaching and said I was close, she egged me on to go faster still and then splat! My first ever giving someone a pearl necklace. Some also landed in her hair ;)

My weekend of decadence ended with an empty wallet and empty balls.

Happy Weekend Wanking 44

Again, I have no idea who this is, but holy hell! Look at that GIGANTIC load dumped all over her face!

Happy wanking!

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy Weekend Wanking 43

I have no idea who she is, I have no idea of the film's name. But this lucky guy managed to do what I do in my own photos and videos - only without a piece of paper.

Happy wanking!

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Extravagance: Part 1

I hope everyone has had a good Easter, I had a fantastic break and made and effort to be very hedonistic. Part of my break consisted of a big night out with some friends...on the other side of the country. But that is more for part 2.

The last day of the short week found me sitting at home and feeling a little bored. A little bored and very horny. There is a cute girl on my bus who I wonder about. Nothing really sexual, but I'm just curious about her. She was the waitress of our table at lunch that day and I had finally had a chance to say hello to her.

But over the day my mind wandered.

By nightfall I had decided I needed to head towards the brothel. I gave them a call and asked them who was on that night and recognized a few of the names, so I had a shower, got changed and headed off.

As luck would have it, Hannah was sitting in the lounge and was presently available. So I quickly made the arrangements and headed upstairs with her.

We had a quick chat and, the terribly unsexy health check followed by a quick shower. Hannah's massage was at the better end of the spectrum, where it still felt like being assaulted, only the pain didn't seem to linger about.

Hannah sat on my chest and lent forward, her small tits all over my face. I ran my hands up her sides and cupped them both and started to lick and suck on her nipples. Hannah said her right one was getting jealous of all the attention and shifted over so I could do the same there.

Hannah ran her hand around my legs and teased a fingernail up the length of my cock, which was now standing to attention. She grabbed and squeezed gently, spun around and slipped the condom on all in one motion. Hannah's blowjobs are fantastic. The previous time I went there, the girl used a little too much teeth. Holy hell that started to hurt. None of that with Hannah, it was just...perfect.

I said I'd like to start with her on top, Hannah steadied herself with her hands on my chest and lowered herself onto me. Her tight pussy was exactly how I remembered it.

Hannah switched between leaning forward and leaning back so I could either play with her tits or her pussy. I used my index and middle fingers to rub around her clit in large circles and also from side to side.

Hannah then switched to a somewhat awkward position whereby she lent back on me, facing forward, leaving my cock bent back at a somewhat awkward angle. Ultimately this didn't work out as it was just too painful. Hannah's favorite position is doggie, and it is mine as well. She got in position and I slid my cock into her. We moved in sequence, with her moving back to meet my thrusts.

I could feel myself approaching the brink, and as much I wanted to step up the pace and cum inside her as deep as possible, I wanted to finish off with missionary. Hannah got on her back and held her legs in the air, I put my hands either side of her and slid my cock into her. My arms were getting tired, so I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her close, while she did the same, I was fucking her as fast as I could and could feel every muscle in me tighten up. Hannah felt it too and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in tight as spasm after spasm shot cum out of my cock.

I got cleaned up and went home, the best sleep I'd had in a long time!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Weekend Wanking 42

A MILF taking a HUGE load, nothing more needs to be said :)

Happy wanking!

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