Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Extravagance: Part 2

There is of course a second part to my weekend of excess. During a big night out with some friends on the other side of the country, we went to the strippers (of course) and after that I had the excellent idea of visiting the brothel I'd been to before. I was going home the following afternoon, so I wouldn't have a chance later. It was on.

I made my way over there and sat down in the lounge where I was introduced to everyone. This absolutely stunning Swedish girl was also the friendliest. My mind was set, I knew who I wanted to spend the next hour with. I made the arrangements and headed upstairs with her.

She was a little shorter than me, had perfectly sized breasts, long blonde hair, and a lovely accent - the stereotypical Swedish girl from all the porn featuring stereotypical Swedish girls.

I had a quick shower and lay down on the bed for a massage. She was proficient at this, and I felt a lot more comfortable very quickly.

The passage of time and combination of alcohol don't make for the best recollections of memory, so I am not 100% clear on the order of things. She started by stroking my cock, slowly but firmly. My cock sprang to life quite soon, so I was confident I would actually be up to performing that night. After that, I can remember her being on top, me being on top & doggie style.

But perhaps the best parts were her kneeling down in front of me and sucking my cock, porn style. Seeing her take the entire length from above made me so horny, I could have exploded in her mouth right there, but I didn't.

She got back on the bed and I straddled her middle, my cock bobbing around the perfect position to fuck her tits. She squirted some lube on them and rubbed it in slowly, running her hand across my cock as she did so. She took off the condom and squeezed her tits together and I slid my cock in.

It felt spectacular!

I knew I was close, but continued thrusting. I could feel the edge approaching and said I was close, she egged me on to go faster still and then splat! My first ever giving someone a pearl necklace. Some also landed in her hair ;)

My weekend of decadence ended with an empty wallet and empty balls.


Anonymous said...

keep dreaming!

wanklogger said...

Yeah, I do, of doing that again!