Thursday, November 30, 2006

The School Camp

In my final year of high school, a few of us were invited to go on a school camp. This was a camp, apparently for the best and brightest students. I somehow managed to be included in this group, even though I was a bit of a trouble maker in high school.

The place was an old refugee holding camp a fair way out of town, it had been converted into a camp site by the department of education, specifically for schools to send kids for whatever reason. It was right next to the beach, and was at a good time of the year. Assignments at school weren’t too heavy, the weather was pleasant and in general life was pretty good.

We did all those usual stupid activities that you get to do on school camps, plus because we were seen as the gifted group, we got to do some math questions as well. After that, we were on the whole left to sort ourselves out. We ended up having minimal adult supervision for 3 whole days, out of a 5 day camp.

Around day 4, we figured a visit to the beach was in order. This is where my story becomes a little more exciting. While walking around the place, a friend of mine said that she had brought her new bikini along. My ears pricked up at the mention of this. Many times I had used her image in my mind as fuel for my furious teenage wanking.

I was down at the beach, just staring out into the wide blue expanse. My friend walks out onto the beach, just like in one of those teenage movies of the 80s. She looked stunning. Her perfect breasts showed a nice amount of cleavage, and the bottom half of this miniscule garment was held together with string. Her legs were shaven, and nicely tanned and I even got a glimpse at what could be a trimmed pubic area. It was a sight for sore eyes. My dick reacted immediately, making a difficult situation potentially embarrassing as well. I sat next to this girl every day in my math class, and directly opposite in history.

This was even worse in that it was a school camp, I couldn’t just go somewhere and jerk off, I was under a little more scrutiny than if I was at home.

The day was at an end and we were given pretty much free reign. So long as we showed up for food, and were quiet enough, we were free. Most people went back to their dorms and did the usual things teenagers do at camps. I went for a late night walk. I like walks at night, I find them very calming and I can get a lot of thinking done with minimal distraction.

I had wandered past the window of my friend and was amazed at what I saw. She was undressing, getting ready for bed. These sorts of things had never happen to me! They haven’t since, but this memory sticks in my head. I was peering into the room, and saw her shirt come off, then her pants, revealing the tiniest of thongs. She brushed her hair for a while, and went to bed.

I was in heaven. Those images have remained burnt into my brain to this day. However, I was also in a tough spot. I so desperately needed to release some tension. I headed down to the beach and saw that it was completely empty. Not a soul for miles around. I whipped off my pants and jerked off furiously. I came fairly quickly, I was holding in a fair bit. But those very, very nice images of 10 minutes ago were tantalizingly fresh in my mind, I just had to go to again.
I returned to my dorm room, feeling like I had a million bucks in my pocket. Not only had I seen one of the sexiest girls in my school in both a revealing bikini, but mostly naked, I had managed to jerk off – twice.

I loved that school camp, those images are still in my head, and right now I can feel myself getting hard. I think it is time to revisit them :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sugasm #55

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A holiday to remember.

Many years ago I went on holidays with the parents. We went to a small town, away from all the distractions of the city. We stayed in a small hotel place, run by a very pleasant old couple. What made this trip great, apart from the relaxing aspect of it was the room. My OWN room. Ordinarily all 3 of us would pile into one room. This puts a huge cramp on any sort of masturbation you have planned. On previous trips I might manage to sneak half a dozen at most in a whole month. It was not particularly nice.

However, when we got there, the old couple said that because we were one of two groups staying there, would I like my own room? The answer, even if I wasn’t a masturbator is obvious. A 16 year old male, dragged to a small town with the parents, anything would be great!

The first night I put the room to good use. Even at home I have to have a degree of caution, the parents come and go throughout the day and give vague ideas on when they will be back, so it is difficult to jerk off privately. At night I have a lot more chances, but it’s night time – I’m tired. So a room with a lockable door, and no chance of being walked in on is a blessing.

The first night I wanked hard and fast, going at it 3 times before being too exhausted to go any further. I slept the sleep of the happiest man on the planet. There is also another angle to the small country town that had not occurred to me. Since I grew up in the city, entertainment has always been around me. I can entertain myself, but usually with things, like TV, lego (when I was a little tacker) and so on. I’d never really had just myself and nature to entertain me. This was a small town was crammed into the hills, with no one around for miles, I had to do something.

I hired a bicycle and headed off down the tracks to have a look. The scenery was spectacular, the closest you’d ever see in the city would be on TV. But what struck me more was the complete lack of any human life. In the suburbs, you are fairly insulated from everything, but over the fence, not 20 feet away, there could be someone. Even though to are alone, you are not. However out there, it’s all you.

I’m not much of a risk taker, but this particular day I felt invigorated. There was no one around for miles, and I was still as horny as I was the previous night. The air was warm and it was a picturesque day, one for a postcard. I went skinny dipping for the first time in my life. And whilst in the water, what a great opportunity to wank!

I spent most of those few weeks in a routine of leaving straight after breakfast, returning to my secluded little spot, swimming and masturbating then heading back for dinner, doing something in town and then finishing off the day with a bit more masturbating.

It was a great trip, and I on arrival back at home, I felt disheartened that I no longer had the freedom I had. I feel that during my time there, my thinking was a lot clearer and I acted more confidently. Despite being a city kid, and most likely being a city adult, I want to move to a small town like that and have that freedom again. With the advances in technology, I might just be able too as well!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sugasm #54

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Early Masturbation Experiences

I thought I might write up a few experiences, early on in my masturbating career. I hope some people find them interesting.

One thing I can remember clearly was waking up later than usual on school holidays to the greatest sound ever: silence. Silence signals that there are no parents around because they left for work not that long ago. Silence also means that for the next 6 or so hours, I am free as a bird.

In those early years, I was not as well setup as now. I had a tight foreskin until quite recently, so I didn't know the pleasure it could bring, in fact it mainly brought discomfort. I also had no porn to get the juices flowing. It was the bra and panties pages of the department store flyers only! But, I took advantage of those early times and wanked away, often spending 4 or so hours wanking, hanging back for a little and then repeating the process. The day with 4 free wanking hours is rare nowadays, unfortunately.

Another which hangs out in my mind is one night the parents were off at the Parent/Teacher evening at my school seeing how much of a studious little boy I was. This would be a couple of hours, and I had nothing else to do, so I picked out a movie and threw it in the VCR. I picked Under Siege. Now anyone who has seen this film knows that it isn't much. Just your standard Steven Seagal action flick...with Erika Eleniak. That particular scene had been a favorite of mine for quite some time. I must have rewound, and played it over a dozen times but I had the orgasm of my life (at the time) then. I felt utterly drained and tired afterwards. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Erika ever since.

I can also remember going for a walk once and needing to pee. I had walked quite a distance and was in a fairly secluded spot. There were no people around and I had ventured off the walking trail. After answering the call of nature, I sported an erection. I'll bet it is no contest what happened next? That was the first time I masturbated in public. Jerking off in public feels a little different to when you are at home. Your heart pounds faster, the nerves seem to amplify the orgasm a bit as well. It kicked off my interest in every now and then not being closed off in my house to have a wank.

Another time was in my mid teens. I was out all night at a friend's party. Normally I would have had to have gone to work with my parents the next day, but I was told that when I get home to go to sleep, when I wake up give them a call to see if I was needed. Since my parents were no longer working 9 - 5 jobs, this had put a huge dampener on my usual masturbating habits. So I was trying to get as many opportunities as I could. The party wound down around 2am and I fell asleep on my friend's couch - with a scheme.

If I could sleep until around 8am, that would give me time to get some breakfast and head home in time to just miss my parents heading off to their shop. This had two advantages, I was rested so I wouldn't waste my free day sleeping and I was on a week long dry spell and had some freshly acquired porn to have a look at. Now is there any better combination?

My plan worked beautifully. It was a lovely day outside so I grabbed a few magazines and whisked myself outside and got to work. There is another reason this even sticks in my mind, it is the first time I shot a load any significant distance - about a meter. I was again quite drained but I had to make the most of my short time. So after an hour or so I got busy again, thinking the next orgasm would be significantly less than the first - I was incorrect. Again around 1m and, although it is hard to tell shooting a load into the garden, I'd say about the same volume.

I hope you found those early memories interesting :). And if you didn't, here is a photo of what I have just recently used to masturbate to.
I find it hard to resist Alley Baggett's sinful leer ;)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

October 2006

So how was October wanking wise? If you go by the statistics alone, you would conclude "not very well".

Total: 24
Total with parent in country: 7
Total with parent not in country: 17

However, I should point out that of those 17, for many I took the time to do the job properly, so to speak. October was very much a month of "quality over quantity".

Total for year: 303
Total while in country: 98
Total while not in country: 205

It would seem that my original theory that I get much more wanking done whilst the traveling parent is away is coming true.

In other news, my latest effort for gotcum is here.