Thursday, November 30, 2006

The School Camp

In my final year of high school, a few of us were invited to go on a school camp. This was a camp, apparently for the best and brightest students. I somehow managed to be included in this group, even though I was a bit of a trouble maker in high school.

The place was an old refugee holding camp a fair way out of town, it had been converted into a camp site by the department of education, specifically for schools to send kids for whatever reason. It was right next to the beach, and was at a good time of the year. Assignments at school weren’t too heavy, the weather was pleasant and in general life was pretty good.

We did all those usual stupid activities that you get to do on school camps, plus because we were seen as the gifted group, we got to do some math questions as well. After that, we were on the whole left to sort ourselves out. We ended up having minimal adult supervision for 3 whole days, out of a 5 day camp.

Around day 4, we figured a visit to the beach was in order. This is where my story becomes a little more exciting. While walking around the place, a friend of mine said that she had brought her new bikini along. My ears pricked up at the mention of this. Many times I had used her image in my mind as fuel for my furious teenage wanking.

I was down at the beach, just staring out into the wide blue expanse. My friend walks out onto the beach, just like in one of those teenage movies of the 80s. She looked stunning. Her perfect breasts showed a nice amount of cleavage, and the bottom half of this miniscule garment was held together with string. Her legs were shaven, and nicely tanned and I even got a glimpse at what could be a trimmed pubic area. It was a sight for sore eyes. My dick reacted immediately, making a difficult situation potentially embarrassing as well. I sat next to this girl every day in my math class, and directly opposite in history.

This was even worse in that it was a school camp, I couldn’t just go somewhere and jerk off, I was under a little more scrutiny than if I was at home.

The day was at an end and we were given pretty much free reign. So long as we showed up for food, and were quiet enough, we were free. Most people went back to their dorms and did the usual things teenagers do at camps. I went for a late night walk. I like walks at night, I find them very calming and I can get a lot of thinking done with minimal distraction.

I had wandered past the window of my friend and was amazed at what I saw. She was undressing, getting ready for bed. These sorts of things had never happen to me! They haven’t since, but this memory sticks in my head. I was peering into the room, and saw her shirt come off, then her pants, revealing the tiniest of thongs. She brushed her hair for a while, and went to bed.

I was in heaven. Those images have remained burnt into my brain to this day. However, I was also in a tough spot. I so desperately needed to release some tension. I headed down to the beach and saw that it was completely empty. Not a soul for miles around. I whipped off my pants and jerked off furiously. I came fairly quickly, I was holding in a fair bit. But those very, very nice images of 10 minutes ago were tantalizingly fresh in my mind, I just had to go to again.
I returned to my dorm room, feeling like I had a million bucks in my pocket. Not only had I seen one of the sexiest girls in my school in both a revealing bikini, but mostly naked, I had managed to jerk off – twice.

I loved that school camp, those images are still in my head, and right now I can feel myself getting hard. I think it is time to revisit them :)


Anonymous said...
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Al Sensu said...

What a great story. You were very fortunate that day. And a twofer resulted, bravo!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At that age, I would have done exactly the same as you. My knob would have been so hard that I would have to relieve it instantly.

luke nash said...

What the hell is this all about, do you seriously have nothing better to do than to log your masterbation events?

wanklogger said...

You have nothing better to do than read something you don't want to?

bobblushing said...

I think I'd like to help out in some way🎶❗