Sunday, December 03, 2006

November 2006 - Totals

In terms of wanking, November was not too bad. Unfortunately it was the worst month so far, but despite the figures not holding this up, it was quite enjoyable.

The traveling parent arrived home on the 4th and left on the 26th. Those 3 weeks were quite abysmal. Again, looking at the figures only, it would seem that in country was better.

However, during that 3 week period, a had a number of stretches without any wanking at all. The longest of which was 4 whole days. 4 whole days is a difficult challenge when you have a lot of time on your hands – and no way to use it.

So, how was it enjoyable you might ask? Well, even though I had only a few days, the way things fell meant I had a fairly rare amount of privacy. I did not need to be asked twice to capitalize on it!

The figures:

Total for the month: 23
Total in country: 12
Total not in country: 11

Totals for the year:

All up: 324
Total in country: 109 (33.6%)
Total not in country: 215 (66.4%)

335 days of the year have elapsed, and I have jerked off 324 times. I have 28 days left in the year, I need to masturbate 39 times to have a 1/day average, which I would like.

The challenge is on!


Anonymous said...

Hope circumstances let you hit the score you're aiming for - go for it! And thanks for the recent Gotcum posts, always nice to see some of the evidence. I've noticed your jizz makes quite a characteristic pattern each time, a tidy strip down the middle of the picture. Do you hold your cock fairly still as you spurt? I keep stroking right to the last drop, which is why my own jizz patterns are always quite random and splashy.

Anonymous said...
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wanklogger said...

Hello! Thank you for reading!

I am usually maintain some motion, albeit quite slowly. At the actual moment I stop completely. I guess I can't concentrate on two things at once!

My posts on gotcum are my more enthusiastic offerings. If I am having a quickie, I rarely get a shot of great distance and accumulate most in a puddle. I put a bit more effort into it if I am going to photograph the evidence.


Anonymous said...

Good wanking. 300 up & still going is something the England cricket team could do with at this moment!

Serious though, I think you should concentrate on losing your virginity a bit more than running-up statistics.

All of your libido is being spent on personal satisfaction. Imagine the pleasure you would get if your semen was being pumped into the crack of a grateful bird.