Sunday, October 16, 2011

The End

It's been a decision that's been weighing on my mind for a little while, but it's time to end this blog.

It's not been something I decided quickly or easily because I have genuinely enjoyed doing this, but I cannot honestly say that my enthusiasm for it is still there.

I started this in 2006 and am a little blown away that 5 years has passed. In that time my life has had a few milestones. The entire world, rather than a specific person was the first to see my dick. I lost my virginity. I was quite honored when one of my posts was picked as the editor's pick in the now defunct Sugasm. I was flattered when I saw my blog mentioned in the Village Voice. I got started in the whole cumpic scene fairly early with Teri Hatcher being my first target after developing quite an infatuation from watching Desperate Housewives. I've become more confident, I've lost over 130lb (and kept it off), graduated university, got a job and started my career.

But I just cannot find the time or motivation to write or do much else for this blog.

I'll leave everything up, and I'll still be checking my email: wanklogger [at], so drop me an email some time!


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I don't really trust the Picasa integration, so here is the full archive of The Daily Wank pictures.

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Happy Weekend Wanking 121

Something a little different this week. I love the camera angle on this clip, there are no fast cuts, cut focusing on this girl's massive tits as she plays with herself to a huge orgasm. And she certainly masturbates with vigor!


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