Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maria II

Maria was the first non-celebrity I posted. I was sent extra photos and figured I should put them to good use ;)

I did set up the other camera for the side angle, but somehow the recording didn't work out.


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Yours, Sir
“I felt and then heard a low rumble of a slightly sadistic chuckle from him.”

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The First Squirt

For me, I love my orgasms to be accompanied by a decent squirt of sticky jizz. When I lie on my back and cum on myself, the dribble is easier to clean up, but for satisfaction, the squirt wins out every time. Fuck convenience.

I routinely squirt over the width of my desk. In a lot of my videos where the first squirt disappears from view, most of the time it is on the carpet behind my desk.

I was trying to recall the first time I truly squirted a load out. I think I was around 14-15 at the time. I'd already pumped gallons out in my short wanking career, but around this age I first stumbled onto the internet, and discovered the treasure chest of porn. I was amazed, I wondered if I I too could squirt cum out like that. A bit of searching and reading revealed that it was nothing too out of the ordinary, but relied on the level of arousal and frequency.

I abstained for 2 weeks. I had no idea how long one would need to abstain for, but 2 weeks was the period I picked. I even marked it on the calendar. The weeks passed slowly, but the time was finally there. It was a friday, so I could take as long as I wanted. School was agony. The warmer weather had started and all the girls at school were shedding their bulky coats and jeans for things that showed a lot more skin. My school was a shithole and many of the girls that attended went for the slut-chic look. With all their new summer purchases on display, that friday was brutal.

I raced home. I was going to walk home, but scrounged up enough and took out some short term loans from friends (under the guise of a "family get together" I just could not be late for) to cobble together the bus fare. I wanted to be home as soon as possible. There was no time for walking. I got there 20 minutes after the bell rang. Fate was smiling on me that day.

I dumped my bag, flicked off my shoes, dropped my pants and ripped off my shirt in one fluid movement of entering my room and shutting the door. I jumped on the bed and stretched out, my cock, bolt upright and pointing skywards, was demanding attention. I took my time, slowly teasing my cock to moments before the explosion (I was hoping to see) and letting it deflate, I did this over and over. I thought about the limited porn I had seen from the glorious internet and the one girl in particular from school. Her name was Lana and she had gone with a mini skirt that emphasized the mini part. During English I managed to snag the briefest of glimpses at her snatch, which to my delight was unobstructed from view by panties. There was no way she couldn't have been walking around all day in a near constant state of arousal. I imagined her lying on her bed, her shoulder length brown hair all askew and her fingers ferociously flicking over her clit. I had seen pre-cum before, but never to this amount. It oozed down my shaft in little rivulets. At this stage I hadn't fully retracted my foreskin, so each stroke was quite brief.

I couldn't stand it any longer, I reached another peak and instead of stopping, I pumped furiously. I could feel the cliff edge approaching. I got squirt after squirt shooting out of my cock and finding its mark on my chest and neck. I was over the moon! I managed to prove to myself that I can squirt cum.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Salma Hayek II

I had a request from a reader to give Salma Hayek another blasting. Once again, I got the side angle. That second shot blasted out into a neat, sticky little blob on my desk. I also managed to snag some of the pre-cum that dribbled down.


Video 1 Video 2