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After this guy's amazing performance (not that it would be hard given this stunning girl), he should definitely get a raise for making the boss' daughter so happy.


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I missed last week's post, I just had too many things going on, sorry about that. This girl receives a huge reward for being so beautiful. ;)


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There is really not too much to say about Elly, she is a stunningly hot Vietnamese girl. I live in an area with quite a few Vietnamese people and never once seen a girl, Vietnamese or otherwise as hot as her. I'm currently dating a Vietnamese girl who whilst attractive is no Elly.

She is breathtaking... :)


Mara Carfagna is a gorgeous Italian politician who took up politics after a career as model. She has a very sexy gaze that seems to be able to penetrate the part of your brain that makes your cock think it might be able to penetrate her pussy, combined with her tanned skin, she qualifies as a PILF. Oh, and being a politician.

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Zeen X

If there is a stand out superstar recipient of my cum, it is Zeen. This is the tenth cumpic in her honor :)


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The most striking thing about this sexy amateur is her eyes. You can just imagine her sucking your dick and looking up at you with that piercing gaze. She keeps concentrating all the way through, just willing the guy dump his load in her appreciative mouth.


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The dude in this video must have been incredibly horny. He shoots most of his load right over the top of these two eager recipients. They persevere and clean up each other. This video is so hot, you'll be shooting like the guy in it!


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