Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Weekend Wanking 3

What can I say? This week is Gianna Michaels. Big tits, enthusiastic, heaps of cum. It's brilliant.

I've jerked off to this video far too many times to count.

Happy wanking!

Video no longer available, sorry!

Previously I have posted my own handiwork involving Gianna. I wish I was one of the guys in the video above, but I certainly had a good time making this one :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Raise

I recently got a raise at work, which is of course most welcome. To celebrate this I wanted to go to the brothel and take a little extra time. Double the time in fact.

I had my usual complicated day off work planned, where I would go the night before. But that was just fucked. I was far too horny to wait that long. I was watching my favourite TV show, and could barely concentrate. I just wanted to go there and see Rose again. I wanted to play with her pussy and watch her cum and then feel her tight pussy around my cock as I cum.

The TV show wound up and I wandered into my bedroom, a little pissed off. I never do anything impulsive! Grr.

The light bulb moment.

I made a very hurried excuse, I was going to hang out with my friend and play video games. That'll do! I called up and found out Rose was on that night. I showered, didn't bother with my usual pre-visit wank and floored it there.

My stomach was turning, it was a Saturday night. Would they be busy? Would I have to wait? Who knew. I think my stomach was turning equally from nerves and sheer excitement.

I got there, parked and walked in. I sat down. I made my usual awkward conversation. I couldn't be fucked trying to muddle through it. I walked up to the counter and asked to see Rose and if there were longer sessions offered. There were. I took 2 hours.

In the first hour I was massaged. I had my cock caressed by beautiful tits, played with Rose's pussy and was fucked by her on top. Seeing her whole frame tense up under the pleasure made me so hard, I thought my cock was going to explode.

As my videos show, I am a pretty quiet orgasmer, but that night, I let rip. We finished and Rose gasped, she couldn't believe how much jizz had collected in the condom. I was exhausted. We lay down and had a chat. Tried to keep warm (it was a cold night). She started to run her hand over me. I could feel my cock stirring from slumber.

Rose went down on me again. Since I wasn't trying to hold on, and it was the second time I had no chance of blowing my load too early. Her tongue played with the head of my cock and the sensitive underside. I flipped over and she crawled under me, I stuck my cock in her pussy and a smile drew across her face.

I quite like missionary. It's intimate, it's animal-y. I thrust away and the little gasps let out by Rose on the big thrusts made me speed up even more. I said I was close and wrapped my arms around her back, bringing her in close. She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. I could feel the cum rushing out of me and lost control. I groaned loudly and felt my cock shudder inside her.

We cleaned up and I headed home. I liked my raise, I liked my gift to myself better :)

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Weekend Wanking 2

I've always liked Hot Wife Rio. She has a great smile, very fondleable tits and a pussy that looks so delectable, it always makes me hard and wanting to see more.

She is this weekend's wanking spectacular. I have previously posted a tribute of her, I am doing a repost here along with 2 full length vids below.

Happy wanking!

Video no longer available, sorry!

Video no longer available, sorry!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Redhead Cumshot

I have this video in my collection, the quality is not fantastic, but the guy just keeps on going!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Weekend Wanking 1

Happy wanking!

Video no longer available, sorry!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Recently I was emailed by a friend of Zeen's who sent me this photo to work on. He told me that Zeen was quite keen for me to get a photo of her and to unload on it.

I love the long straight splatter across her face!

It was afterwards that I was told a public showing was desired. I always try to give the people who write to me a good show, email me if you want!


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tedious Training

I was introduced to the lunacy of government budgeting recently. We had some training budget left over. So instead of putting it toward something useful, someone of the team had to take some training. This was me. I was also introduced to the fact that it doesn't really matter if the training has relevance to my job. So long as the budget gets used. So stupid.

I was sent on a 2 day training program. Day one consisted of an excruciatingly boring lecture on some new piece of legislation. I wasn't paying attention because, as I previously said, this has no relevance to me. Day 2 was where we roleplay our understanding of it all, and I used my powers of bullshitting to get around the fact I didn't pay attention at all.

Now day one was presented by your archetypal public servant. Dull, droning and bureaucratic. All public servants can revert to this mode (it's a special gift we have), but for the most part there is a breed of new public servants who like to actually try and help and work hard. I fit this group and thankfully the speaker on day two also fit this group.

Another thing hit me about day two's speaker, she was amazingly hot. Stop and stare level of hot. She was average height, had long brown hair, quite small, but very tightly clothed breasts and a very nice smile. I didn't learn a thing that day either, but I was paying very close attention all day.

The problem with all this training was that it ran beyond the full day, so I was desperately tired for the most part. I hadn't had a wank in a few days and I certainly got no chance on the evening of day one.

So once day two had wound to a close and I got my certificate for being competent in something, scoffed the free finger food, downed a few tax payer provided beers and asked the amazingly hot second presenter if there were any vacancies in the department she worked in, it was time to head home.

The train ride home was late and I found the vibrations, rattling and shaking of the train to stir my cock from its slumber. The bus from the station made this even worse as the bus had the soul of a washing machine on constant spin cycle. The vibrations will eventually shake the thing to pieces, but before that happens, the vibrations stirred more life into my cock.

I got home and hopped in the shower, I had the following day off and could take as long as I wanted doing my usual night time duties. Dinner, newspaper, check email.

And start watching Jenna Haze

Stroking away, I felt the point of no return approaching very rapidly. I held off a second, and slowed down. I figured I had plenty of time, I may as well go twice tonight. I stroked a little more and could feel the orgasm preparing to wash over me. I held off and sat on the edge. But I could feel the cum finding its way to freedom. I stroked, once. The cum began to dribble out, a few more tiny strokes and it all dribbled out down the length of my cock. No shots, no force. No orgasm yet, just a pool of warm, sticky cum. 

I stroked a few more times as hard as I could and the orgasm came soon after, sans powerful ejaculation. Without the distraction of cum, I was able to focus entirely on the orgasm and the intensity of the waves of pleasure that rolled over me. I've tried to replicate this, but to date it has been hit and miss. 

However, as far as training goes, it is certainly very fun!