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The Daily Wank 343

Happy Weekend Wanking 93

I usually have videos of girls with massive tits, but on the whole, I just like tits. This girls perky little ones are a delight to see, the only shame is there wasn't a second guy emptying his load all over them. You can almost see the guy split her in two when fucking her from behind ;)


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Wicked Tanja

I've been a fan of Tanja for quite some time now. She always looks so enthusiastic in her photos and a predilection for miniscule bikinis is very welcome. Seeing her ass and pussy invitingly exposed made me want to fuck either and cum on both.


The Daily Wank 336

Happy Weekend Wanking 92

I've only titfucked a few girls, and it is absolutely fantastic. The fake/real preference many men have doesn't really affect me. I don't really care, Nikki's tits are spectacular and rubbing my cock on them could only feel great. Nikki is rewarded with a messy cumshot for her hospitality ;)


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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Daily Wank 335

Maria B II

I was so horny the night I blasted Maria B with cum again. I could feel my knees weaken a second before the first spurt shot out, the moment between the two feeling amazing. A messy blob of cum all over her pretty face being the result ;)


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The Daily Wank 331


Maby was sent to me by a reader. The first thing that caught my attention were her breasts, begging to pop out of her tight shirt. I love the slice of skin showing between jeans and shirt. It looks like she has quite a tight ass, which I'm told she does ;)


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The Daily Wank 329

Happy Weekend Wanking 91

To me, girls with glasses are amazingly hot. To see a guy shoot a huge load of cum over a girl's face and drip off her glasses gets me instantly hard. The girl in this video wears glasses and loves to rub herself into a cum drooling frenzy, perfect!


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The Daily Wank 322

Happy Weekend Wanking 90

This cute Asian girl, with absolutely delicious tits gleefully swallows down a huge load. And with a smile like that, she seems so innocent, but lurking underneath is a massive cumslut!


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