Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sugasm #85

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“She surprised herself when her fingers found the actual ice cube melting inside her cunt.”

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“But I knew that nothing would be more appropriate to the new path we’ve chosen than a threesome with another man on the night celebrating our wedding so many years ago.”

Girl’s Night In (thenakedrhetoricaltruth.blogspot.com…)
“Some of us are more conservative than one would have thought, and some of us, it appears from dropped jaws round the table, are less.”

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Editor’s Choice
My Exam (wanklog.blogspot.com…)

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Exam

The other day was my final exam. We thankfully had a kind unit coordinator, who put it on at the end of the exam period and basically gave us an extra hour in which to do it. So, there was plenty of time and the material was not particularly taxing, so I found it difficult to stay focused.

At the end of the exam period, they have all the straggler classes to examine, so they shove them in whatever room they can find. We were in a room with a 600+ capacity, and total students in the room was 27, so we had plenty of room, and a choice of spots. Being anti-authoritarian at heart, I picked the back row (real rebel stuff huh? :P). They usually hire a few people from the surrounding neighbourhood to act as supervision. This is where the story becomes interesting.

One of the supervisors was exceedingly hot. I don't know where they found her, but usually the university finds the most sexually unappealing people to be supervisors. Maybe this is intentional, if it is, they screwed up on this day. This particular supervisor wore a pair of tight pants, with the thong plainly visible. This was complemented by a fairly tight shirt, with two very stiff nipples poking out. Despite these things providing for a bit of visual arousal, it was the perfume she had on that day that really got things moving. She smelt fantastic. I don't really know how to describe scents, but it was flowery and sort of moist. That doesn't even make sense, but smells are difficult to quantify.

This provided great distraction while I was scribbling my answers, when I began to think of what would be happening that night. After my exams are completed, I usually have a fairly good night. I get some porn, shave the fur if required and wank for quite a while. Unfortunately for me, the situation between my parents (between themselves - not me) is a little stressed at the moment, and this has led to one spending large amounts of time awake until the early hours watching TV - placing an even bigger impedance to my wanking plans. This has been postponed until early this week, when the travelling parent does just that.

So, I was slogging through my paper, disgruntled that my usual post - exam plans would be shot. It was at that point that my dick had other plans. As I rounded out the 7th page, my mind wandered to the riskier times of my wanking life. Now, I used to be able to sit in a chair in one position for a long time with no problems. I have found as my weight has plummeted, that I am increasingly more fidgety, wanting to move around and do something. I felt this was a good precedent to set in the exam hall, because the level of suspicion would be higher if a non-fidgeter started fidgeting, over a fidgeter fidgeting.

I started to slowly, awkwardly and without detection rub my dick through my jeans. The foreskin had worked itself back a little and had exposed the sensitive part to my underpants. To capitalize on this, I moved my legs a bit to force movement of either my underpants or my penis. This proved to be quite effective, I was getting very nicely aroused when it dawned on me. Where was the jizz going to go?

I had 3 options:

  • Pants
  • Ever so subtly remove dick from pants and use carpet
  • Toilet
Pants would be a bit on the squelchy side, no doubt it would interfere with finishing the exam as the slippery goo slid all around the place. The carpet would leave evidence, which could raise the suspicion of supervisors, not to mention it's a bit fucking grotty for the poor cleaner. The toilet was the best option, but getting out of the room sporting wood could be tricky. I then struck gold as someone in the hall requested a tissue for their cold. Perfect. I had the remnants of the cold and could muster up some sniffles with a little effort.

I did just that and hot supervisor lady came on the scene with a box of tissues and I duly grabbed a few. I checked my progress against the clock and saw I was wildly ahead of time, with only a few multiple choice questions to finish up, the bulk of the marks and effort was out of the way, I had plenty of time to waste.

I waited until the supervisors had returned to their bored stupor at the front of the hall and s-l-o-w-l-y unzipped my fly. This could be the undoer of everything as it has a habit of getting stuck halfway, but not this day. I shifted around in the seat so my legs were tucked under the chair and my dick would be roughly parallel to the floor (these rows of seats have a panel where your legs sit, so under the desk is basically private). I blew my nose to maintain the charade and slowly eased my underpants down and anchored them underneath my balls, springing my penis from its fabric prison.

I grab the remaining tissues and hold them in my left hand, bunched around the head. I use my thumb to wank, all the while I keep my right hand hovering over my answer book as though I was actually doing my exam. With the general tension and risk factor I came in a minute or so, with every drop landing in the tissues. I slowly squirreled them to my desktop, and eased myself back into my clothes. All the while checking to see if I had been rumbled, and it seemed like I got away with it.

My exam ended, and the papers were gathered up, I dumped the tissues in the bin on the way out and as a bonus saw down hot supervisor lady's shirt.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sugasm #83

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Unwelcome Erection

As any owner of a penis will tell you, sometimes it just has a mind of its own. Sometimes it springs to life at the most inopportune times. The films we watched in sex ed classes mentioned this, but never seemed to have quite the same level of inconvenience as the real world.

The one I can remember from the films was some chap working backstage, up in the rafters of an auditorium, with the lights. The voice over guy declared "Sometimes puberty plays tricks on you, like Jim is experiencing here. This is the "unwelcome erection"". I guess our school wasn't so fussed with the abstinence push.

So, I figured I had this puberty/unexpected erection thing licked, there would be no problems at all. Besides, you only got wood when out of sight, so what was the big deal? It seemed to me they were unwelcome because they were at times you couldn't have a tug, like Jim up in the rafters.

Oh how wrong those stupid films were.

The short list of unwelcome erections I can remember.

...being yelled at by my year 6 teacher (who is still working at the school and is hot)
...back of the police car the time I got arrested
...my high school graduation

It might be stating the bleeding obvious, but why those times? What part of my brain leapt into action and thought, "now would be the best time to divert blood to the wang"? At the time I wasn't particularly attracted to my teacher. When I was arrested, I was furious, and I couldn't wait for my high school graduation to be over.

Nowadays, all the fun of the unwelcome erection is largely over. It stays dormant most of the day, except when needed.

However, when I was watching that film all those years ago, I wondered if there was the welcome erection, at an opportune time. I recall an event while studying for my final high school exams.

I was studying away at Physics, the laws of thermodynamics guaranteeing my penis remaining in its slumber. I hit my mid afternoon break and left the room to stretch my legs, read the paper, in fact, do anything else. The familiar event of puberty struck as I walked outside to get some fresh air. Normally, I would have ignored it, but the unwelcome erection suddenly becomes welcome, and at a good time. Standing out in the garden, why not?

Maybe it is the brain's way of taking your mind off other things? Or maybe it was just coincidence. Either way, it is a double edged sword the unwelcome erection is rare nowadays. On the one hand, no awkwardness, on the other, no not-so-subtle suggestions from the nether regions.