Thursday, July 26, 2007

The last thing...

I have no post this week. I have been busy with stuff for university and true to its past action, my social life all happens in a short space of time.

I will however post the photo that pushed me over the line. It was the day of the travelling parent departing, and it has been quite a troubling few weeks, there are rifts between everyone at the moment :(

So, this is the photo from finally getting a chance to crack out the fleshlight in many, many weeks and being able to wank with impunity.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sugasm #89

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This Week’s Picks
“She performs astounding acts and swirls her perfect ass in circles, like the tassles on her tits.”

Nylon Whispers
“I run my fingers along every bit of my nylon covered flesh”

No Timeless Beauty To Conform To
“While fashions themselves come and go, so do the standards of beauty rise and fall like the heaving breasts of an excited woman.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Welcome to the Redesign

Editor’s Choice
Catalina loves (sex in) Sevilla

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Things I Would Like to See in Porn

Being a young, unattached male with a broadband connection, I have porn, stacks of it. Now, you have have to hand it to the manufacturers in their creativity in coming up with new ideas for an essentially rather predictable show. You especially have to hand it to the title creators, the modern wordsmiths.

So, here is a list of some of the things I would like to see


Subtitles in porn would serve no real purpose, the audio track is pretty standard. Any actual speech is usually pretty trite. I can't speak on behalf of the deaf, but I would say that it is more useful having the news with captions than "Busty Anal Sluts 23". However, there seems to be a great deal of things in the porn world purely done for novelty value. This would indeed satisfy that.

Have Plot? Do it right!

The plots in porn are atrocious. While I would love my bank manager to blow me, it ain't going to happen (maybe if I take out that new loan they are pushing? :P). I also doubt the pizza delivery girl is going to get all excited over delivering a pizza to me (tipping is not custom here). Pirates had done a decent enough job. But, for the rest of porn, plot isn't a compartmentalised chunk of a film, it is the film. Now I like a film purely about screwing, but if that is the case, drop the plot!

Ordinary Things

This one is my own personal oddities. I like ordinary things. I like seeing the different sort of taps used in a different country when I travel. I like the little things, the door knobs, the way of saying the time of day, all that kind of stuff. Now, I understand porn is a pretty hyperreal fantasy world, but I would like to see some more ordinary things. The first thing to come to mind, is having a starlet dressed as a regular normal person and have all the whore gear on underneath the battered track pants and sweatshirt, while trampling around in grubby sneakers. Odd, I know.

Director's Commentary

What exactly would they say? "We went for a dick in pussy shot for this scene". I know, it is pointless. I'd still push the button on my remote to sate my curiosity.

Skippable Menus

This is my final one, more of a gripe. Some titles have menus are unable to be skipped. The copyright stuff I can understand, but not being allowed to skip ads for phone sex lines and pills with dubious claims, give me a break! I got my pants down, dick out and in my hand, skip, skip damn you!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sugasm #88

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This Week’s Picks
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“Now, each time we play with others, it’s a gift that further cements our closeness and shows us the value of our love.”

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Mr. Sugasm Himself
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Driving Urge

I'm not fond of driving. It just irritates me. Aside from any environmental concerns, the distance, the traffic, I just do not like the act itself. I have largely managed to avoid a lot of driving, but there are still some areas I just need to drive to. In the past week I have been helping a friend at his work, which requires me to drive.

I manage to skip the morning peak hour by coming in late (I'm a fuckin' volunteer, I ain't going to any staff meetings!), but I'm right in the thick of it at the end of the day, traffic jams the whole way home.

Peak hour radio is terrible, I seriously do not understand why it rates so highly, it only ever seems to be ads, at least where I am. Maybe it is better in other parts. So radio is out. I've had too many near misses while fiddling with my mp3 player, so I am loathed to use that in the car now. I can't read without being constantly interrupted, so that leaves staring out the window - at more traffic.

I've jerked off in plenty of different places, never in my car while moving. But what about being spotted? As I painfully inched along the road, I noticed that other people don't seem to get as bored as me. They stare on intently, don't gaze around and have that steely determination on their face like they are busting for the toilet, but are no where near one. Or, they are screaming into a cell phone.

With the steering wheel, pedals and other crap that needs to be dealt with, it is difficult to unzip my fly and move my underpants for access to my now anxious dick. Plus, there is the cleanup problem. The mats in my car are like magnets, once they get dirt in them, they seem to be uncleanable. There are no tissues around either. Underpants it is.

After a little flurry of road rage several yards in front of me, we are all back to being motionless. I take the opportunity to unzip my fly and adjust my underpants, bringing some of the extra fabric around the front to accommodate my now dick.

I rub myself through the material, which wasn't as comfortable as I thought it would be, the constricted space was not ideal. I think women have it much easier in this regard. But I have come this far, so there is no need to do something drastic like stop or worry about comfort. I have to admit, the whole idea sounded better and more exciting in my head than in practice. Having to pause every minute or so to edge the car forward does no real wonders for the mood.

We stop, hard. I see lights flashing in the emergency lane and see ambulances and police scramble up the road, some yahoo has had an accident. I take the opportunity of not going anywhere to finish what I have started. I rub harder and faster, feeling the fabric stimulate the underside of my dick, which is the the sure-fire way to make my heart go a great deal faster. My heart racing, my breath quickening, I can feel the greatest sensation known and the release of jizz all over the insides of my underpants. I took a quick peek and saw ropey jizz hanging from my underpants and glans dripping onto my balls. After a minute my dick has suitably deflated, so I can zip up.

I still dislike driving, but perversely relish traffic jams.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2007 Mid-Year Wanking Totals

This year, I am posting the totals in 6 monthly intervals.

Total: 42
Travelling parent in country: 12
Travelling parent not in country: 30

Total: 51
Travelling parent in country: 0
Travelling parent not in country: 51

Total: 28
Travelling parent in country: 2
Travelling parent not in country: 26

Total: 19
Travelling parent in country: 17
Travelling parent not in country: 2

Total: 29
Travelling parent in country: 5
Travelling parent not in country: 24

Total: 28
Travelling parent in country: 15
Travelling parent not in country: 13

* In February both parents were away for the duration
** In April I lost my virginity

The current percentages confirm my original hypothesis, that I wanked less when the travelling parent is travelling. Roughly 25% of my wanking is done with the travelling parent in the country, and the other 75% with them absent.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I got rumbled

For those who were interested, my exams went swimmingly, I got the highest possible mark overall. This is a positive and negative. Positive as my marks are the most important thing in the entire world to my parents, hence good marks equals being left alone. In the negative, this reinforces the idea that I can keep it going this way. In the unit for which I jerked off during the exam, I scored a few marks higher overall ;)

My room is in a corner of the house, which in itself is in a corner of the property. There are a number of other properties on that corner, the closest of which is a family who is a stone's throw away from my bedroom window. Last year I knew their eldest daughter was still at high school, so during school hours I could wank with impunity. Window and curtains open, and in the miles and miles of empty suburbia no one would be any the wiser. Then she graduated high school, and is now taking a year off before continuing on with her education.

It dawned on me that with her not at school any more, my grand scheme of free wanking between school hours was a bit misguided. Usually I see her on her way somewhere each day I go for a walk, heading off somewhere. A few weeks ago, I heard her talking on her phone in the backyard, so I finally clued in and realised that my scheme is dead in the water.

Instead of drawing the curtains like a hermit for a wank, I listen out for a minute, then throw caution to the wind, give the world the finger, drop my pants and continue on my merry way. This has so far worked perfectly fine. "So far".

The other day, I got rumbled.

I felt the itch, I did the 1 minute surveillance, half-pulled the curtain, finger to the world etc., fired up the porn and away to the races. As sure as the sun rising in the East, the eventual explosion arrived. I relaxed back in my chair a moment to catch my breath and heard something.

I looked around quickly and saw the top half of her head poking over the fence line.

Me: "Well...isn't this quite embarrassing"
Her: "For you, quite possibly. Next time, don't feel you have to shut the curtains".

Given enough time, the probability of something happening eventually becomes 1. I'm just glad it wasn't someone I have to live with. With my finished exams, I have a little more time up my sleeve.