Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I got rumbled

For those who were interested, my exams went swimmingly, I got the highest possible mark overall. This is a positive and negative. Positive as my marks are the most important thing in the entire world to my parents, hence good marks equals being left alone. In the negative, this reinforces the idea that I can keep it going this way. In the unit for which I jerked off during the exam, I scored a few marks higher overall ;)

My room is in a corner of the house, which in itself is in a corner of the property. There are a number of other properties on that corner, the closest of which is a family who is a stone's throw away from my bedroom window. Last year I knew their eldest daughter was still at high school, so during school hours I could wank with impunity. Window and curtains open, and in the miles and miles of empty suburbia no one would be any the wiser. Then she graduated high school, and is now taking a year off before continuing on with her education.

It dawned on me that with her not at school any more, my grand scheme of free wanking between school hours was a bit misguided. Usually I see her on her way somewhere each day I go for a walk, heading off somewhere. A few weeks ago, I heard her talking on her phone in the backyard, so I finally clued in and realised that my scheme is dead in the water.

Instead of drawing the curtains like a hermit for a wank, I listen out for a minute, then throw caution to the wind, give the world the finger, drop my pants and continue on my merry way. This has so far worked perfectly fine. "So far".

The other day, I got rumbled.

I felt the itch, I did the 1 minute surveillance, half-pulled the curtain, finger to the world etc., fired up the porn and away to the races. As sure as the sun rising in the East, the eventual explosion arrived. I relaxed back in my chair a moment to catch my breath and heard something.

I looked around quickly and saw the top half of her head poking over the fence line.

Me: "Well...isn't this quite embarrassing"
Her: "For you, quite possibly. Next time, don't feel you have to shut the curtains".

Given enough time, the probability of something happening eventually becomes 1. I'm just glad it wasn't someone I have to live with. With my finished exams, I have a little more time up my sleeve.


Mrs Mills said...

If I was your neighbour, I would make sure I put on a regular show at my bedrrom window so that you had something to wank over.

Remember how I told you that I put on a show for the young boy that lived opposite.

Prick teasing seems to be an art of the past.

wanklogger said...

That would be a sight for sore eyes, I don't know if my neighbour will reciprocate however.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain man. I like jerkin the gherkin while surfing the net but those librarians can be pretty uptight.

Lil-Lolita said...

You guys are too much! LOL

Sheen V said...

Score!! I'm sure things will progress nicely this summer. Keep us informed, please.

Anonymous said...

I liked your car story. I've never been able to cum while driving. Your month scores are quite low as of late.

wanklogger said...

You are very observant. Unfortunately for a while there I was really under the hammer with university and the rift between my parents has grown leading one to spend an inordinate time in front of the TV (which is near my end of the house).