Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Public Masturbation

As any regular masturbator knows, lying on the same bed, wank after wank is boring. It gets dull. Sure you've got your porn stash, computer and TV all there, all of what you need for masturbation heaven, but it gets...samey.

So what can you do to shake things up a bit?

For me it was to leave the bedroom.

At first I started in different rooms of the house. The obvious bathroom / toilet (although they probably do not count seeing as though they are so easily accessible).

Then I moved on to, the living room, the lounge room. That's all well and good. But still a bit too much like my bedroom.

So I ventured out side. First the back garden. Which is still a fairly good place to head out to. It is quiet, calm and during school semesters, very, very private. It is quite a different feeling lying on the grass masturbating, the feeling of sun on your body. Also the clean up is real, real easy. If you roll over, or stand up just before orgasm, you can blow a load over pretty much anything and just walk away.

So that was, and still is a top option.

But again, I felt like a bit more could be done.

Now, I may be a prude on a few things, I may be quite open minded about other things. But some things I take quite a firm stand on is

a) Not involving unwilling, or unknowledgeable people in my activities.
b) Not going to prison.

Since any sort of public sex act is liable to get you arrested, jailed and even put on some sort of sex offenders registry, I was not willing to risk my future freedom and career over something as stupid as this. So I would need to be clever about it.

A little bit away there is a car park by a regular old park. Nothing flash, but it is inset off the road a bit, and is fairly deserted. The local security guards are supposed to shut the gate at 7, but I have drive past it at all hours between 7pm and its 6am opening, and it has never been shut, so there is no problem there.

So one night, quite late, I was driving home. It was around midnight, and I had not eaten yet, so I picked up some food on the way home and headed into the car park to eat it (apart from being secluded, it is also a quite tranquil). So I munched my food down and got "the itch".

A quick once over check and there was no one around. WTF am I waiting for?!

So I whipped my pants down and got to work.

It must be the danger factor, but I didn't last too long that time round, and blew a load into the bag my food came in (hehe, how's that craptacular pun? :P). It was great!

The event itself was pretty standard, no extra volume, no major distance to speak of, which is good, a car is not the easiest place to masturbate in. So I got dressed, chucked out my trash and headed home.

I have done the above a few more times, not many. I like to keep it in reserve for every now and then when I want a bit of spice, a bit of difference to add to the pleasure.

In February, I thought to myself, I have always pulled my pants down and ejaculated "in the open" on these little car park jaunts. I thought, how would it be if I didn't bother with anything to clean up and just went in my underpants? Sure it isn't the most erotic, dangerous or anything really, but I figured it was worth a try. When I was younger and my cum didn't stain, or didn't have as much color to it, I would do it every now and then because it was quick and undetectable. But after I started producing more volume and thicker loads, I had the ever present staining problem.

So, same deal I drove over to the park, and just started masturbating through the material. It is surprisingly stimulating having all that excess material rubbing over your cock. As you would have guessed, I came. And also as you would guess it was sticky, dribbly and warm. But hell those underpants were due for retirement, why not give them one last task.

That is more or less the extent of my public masturbation.

Any thoughts, comments are always welcome :)

All about the wanking

Unfortunately, my cold flared up over the weekend. So I was a little unimpressed with the idea of sacrificing a sleep for some jerk time. But I am feeling better, and am ready to catch up with a bit of wanking that just must be done.

The stats for this month, to put it simply, are abysmal.

20 overall. 17 in the country, 3 not.

The previous months are 31, 47, and 32 in that order.

I can't say that my libido is any less. I am still horny as hell quite often. But the amount of private time these days seems to be severely lacking.

Hopefully May holds a little more promise. It would be nice at least to finish April up at 30. So there is a bit of a challenge for me. 5 days, 10 orgasms. It can be easily done, but will I find the time? Privacy? For once I actually want to accept a challenge ;)

Monday, April 24, 2006

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Friday, April 21, 2006

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

My first wank

Unlike many people I am unable to accurately say the first time I masturbated, I have a bunch of memories about things relating to masturbation though.

The first year I had sex ed at school was year 6. Masturbation was mentioned. Every year through until year 12 we had the same in health class. I remember trying it out when I was around 12 - 13. But I don't think I had ever managed to orgasm as such.

Until only recently (last 5 years or so), my foreskin was tight and stayed around the head of my penis, so that limited the standard stroke most people use.

I remember using the flat of my hand the flick across the small part of exposed glans penis that I did have, but never an orgasm. One night stands out in particular in that I had "wanked" a fair bit, but I did not realize what an orgasm felt like, so being ignorant, I thought I may have been pissing myself, so I held it in. That could very well be the first "complete" wank, but without ejaculation, I feel it doesn't count.

Another night around 14 years old sticks out in that I was determined to see what happens if I go further. I grabbed a length of toilet roll and set myself up in bed, thinking of Pamela Anderson (what else was there at 14 years old? :P). After a while and by a while I mean at most a minute, I felt the familiar urination urge, but all the health books at school said this what was supposed to happen. Faster, Faster, Faster still. Bam! Ejaculation. Now it wasn't a load anyone would be proud of, but those few millilitres of semen are the first time I remember ejaculating.

Of course after that I was hooked! You couldn't get me to bed soon enough.

By about 17, I then decided it was time to see what this foreskin thing was all about. I read that it could be pulled back, mine wouldn't go very far. I also read that it was best to see a doctor, no thanks. I would be so embarrassed about asking the man who delivered me to get my dick to work.

I had read that with gentle stretching, it would eventually allow for retraction. So I started, pulling it back as far as it would go, comfortably, and holding for 5 minutes, which I would repeat twice. This went on for about 9 - 12 months.

One night I was lying on the couch, doing the same when I could see the foreskin rising away from my penis, the ridge! Was I almost there?! I gave my foreskin another tug and it fell down the cliff and I was there. My foreskin retracts.

This opened up a whole new world to me. I was no longer limited to my rather basic technique of masturbation. But first thing's first. I had to make it a little more mobile. At that stage it was quite an effort getting it that far. So i kept up the stretching, getting it ever more looser. The best part was unlike doing something like fixing your car where the pay off is having one of the most important tools you own work, the payoff for this was sheer ecstasy. If only real work could be like that!

Like I said it wasn't until a very few years ago that I had complete and unrestricted retraction of my foreskin. And boy do I love it. Sometimes I do not have the time (or privacy :( ) for a real good, slow jerk. So in that situation, I don't bother with the foreskin.

But, when I got the time and inclination, it is great. Watching that first drop of pre-cum roll down the head, using it to lubricate things. I fear to look at my pants right now for fear of having to go with what my brain is telling me ;)

So that is pretty much the history of my masturbating career.


I managed to masturbate twice over night.

The first, as I expected would see me like a volcano. The feelings of tension in my cock were very, very nice indeed. When I have the time, I like to roll my foreskin back and stimulate my frenelum (the ridge of skin on the underside of the head) directly with my hand.

It sure does add some time to the proceedings, but it feels great.

After all that, and no longer being able to hold it all in, I let it all rush out, and rush it did. 8 decent sized loads one after the other shot out, with a bit of oozing afterwards. Then of course the inevitable clean up. The plus side to all this was feeling quite drained afterwards, and being able to fall asleep quite quickly.

Then of course this morning, I awoke early, and when in Rome, do as the Romans...

Not as much cum this time around, but it sure did feel good. Managed to get a nice looking cum drool down the length of my dick. Looks better than the usual sticky white puddle. The best way to start a day. Of course now after typing all this, I am excited about later on when it is bed time, and I can give my dick another good tug.

There is a knack to cleaning up with a foreskin. Since I lay on my back when I masturbate, I have gravity working against me. After I ejaculate I find it is best to lay there for a while, catch my breath and left my cock go soft. This gives me the chance to squeeze the last few drops out, and clean them up, avoiding the tell-tale signs that dried cum can leave.
Handy masturbation hint #245324 ;)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Arrival of the porn!

Well after zooming down to the post office yesterday, I was happy to see that my latest batch of porn had arrived. It sure did suck having to wait for Easter to finish before the mail was running again. When I got home and had a look at the package it looked like customs had cracked it open and had a squiz at what was inside. Nothing was seized, but I'm sure some customs agent had a bit of a chuckle about it :)

But all that is in the past and I now have around 10 hours of new porn to digest and jerk off to.

Speaking of which, I haven't masturbated for 5 days now, as I have been sick and in no real mood to have a tug. Such a delay is rare for me, as the first chance I get I have my dick out and am squeezing the poison from it ;). So when I decide to let the cum back up, it is usually quite a decent ejaculation. So being forced to not masturbate by having a cold has a certain reward at the end of the tunnel.

Now waiting on the final of my order, a single DVD, "MILF". Since Excalibur seems to do shipments on the first of each month, I hope it is around by the end of April, otherwise it'll be a long wait...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The rate

Been averaging 1-2 a night for about the past 5 days. Which has been quite helpful in helping me to get to sleep.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The wait!

Still no porn!

I hope it arrives before Easter, otherwise it is going to be quite dull, with all the family crap that is required at Easter. The least I deserve is a bit of a present for my dick.

The wait!

Still no porn!

I hope it arrives before Easter, otherwise it is going to be quite dull, with all the family crap that is required at Easter. The least I deserve is a bit of a present for my dick.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The weekend

I managed to masturbate twice this weekend, all on Saturday.

Both times were quite good, as it had been a few days since the last time, so a very nice quantity of semen.

Tomorrow I check the PO Box and hopefully my porn has winged its way safely from CA to my place.

Then it's a matter of finding a private few hours to fully appreciate, errr....masturbate furiously!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The doldrums.

I am back in the doldrums.

Now there is a light blasting into my room late at night, so I can't sleep. And worst of all cannot masturbate.

But at least the porn is now winging it's way to my trusty PO Box.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Next batch of Porn

It seems that when you tell excalibur films to ship your order "as soon as possible", they split it up and mail you one each month. Which sort of sucks, in that you can log in each day and see the next batch of porn waiting there for you, but you have to wait until the next month to get it.

But all that is more or less irrelevant today as the next batch is winging its way to my PO Box at the speed of the postal not very fast :P

Later, I have to go and get the other person from the airport. So I can see the frequency of jerking off to go right down, and my usual level of privacy to go along with it.

Been keeping the average at around 1 a day lately. Have been going for quality, not quantity recently. Instead of rubbing one or three out each day, I take the time to make one that much better. This also has the plus side of having a fair bit more volume when I cum, which is quite a good feeling both in the lead up, during and afterwards. And with my pubic fur being fairly neatly trimmed right now, it is also easy for the all important clean up.

Wank it up.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


I like to shave my penis. I prefer the smooth feel of it, and I also trim the rest of my pubic hair.

On the whole I have found that cleaning up after I cum to be a little harder when having heaps of curly pubic hair, and that less fur makes the job easier.

The other reason is that it is quite arousing to watch the cum slide down the shaft of my penis. Then giving the head a bit of a squeeze and getting a few more drops to make their downwward journey into the puddle.

I am also strongly considering purchasing a fleshlight. I have read good things about it, and it certainly does sound like something worthwhile. Even as I type this I am getting hard thinking about the possibilities. But it is a bit on the steep side, so I will have to be satisfied with visits to Mrs. Palmer and her 5 beautiful daughters for a while longer.

An update

First of all, the final figures for March;

Total times I masturbated: 32

In a few days, the second of the others who live here returns, so I expect to see a very unfortunate reduction in my masturbation frequency.

The total times I have masturbated for the year is: 110

Which brings it to a 1.2 times / day.

I am waiting on the final DVD of my porn order to arrive at the warehouse and then the final 3 DVDs can be shipped out to me. I have just recently hired a PO Box so I am now able to receive anything I want in private.