Thursday, April 20, 2006


I managed to masturbate twice over night.

The first, as I expected would see me like a volcano. The feelings of tension in my cock were very, very nice indeed. When I have the time, I like to roll my foreskin back and stimulate my frenelum (the ridge of skin on the underside of the head) directly with my hand.

It sure does add some time to the proceedings, but it feels great.

After all that, and no longer being able to hold it all in, I let it all rush out, and rush it did. 8 decent sized loads one after the other shot out, with a bit of oozing afterwards. Then of course the inevitable clean up. The plus side to all this was feeling quite drained afterwards, and being able to fall asleep quite quickly.

Then of course this morning, I awoke early, and when in Rome, do as the Romans...

Not as much cum this time around, but it sure did feel good. Managed to get a nice looking cum drool down the length of my dick. Looks better than the usual sticky white puddle. The best way to start a day. Of course now after typing all this, I am excited about later on when it is bed time, and I can give my dick another good tug.

There is a knack to cleaning up with a foreskin. Since I lay on my back when I masturbate, I have gravity working against me. After I ejaculate I find it is best to lay there for a while, catch my breath and left my cock go soft. This gives me the chance to squeeze the last few drops out, and clean them up, avoiding the tell-tale signs that dried cum can leave.
Handy masturbation hint #245324 ;)

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