Saturday, April 01, 2006


I like to shave my penis. I prefer the smooth feel of it, and I also trim the rest of my pubic hair.

On the whole I have found that cleaning up after I cum to be a little harder when having heaps of curly pubic hair, and that less fur makes the job easier.

The other reason is that it is quite arousing to watch the cum slide down the shaft of my penis. Then giving the head a bit of a squeeze and getting a few more drops to make their downwward journey into the puddle.

I am also strongly considering purchasing a fleshlight. I have read good things about it, and it certainly does sound like something worthwhile. Even as I type this I am getting hard thinking about the possibilities. But it is a bit on the steep side, so I will have to be satisfied with visits to Mrs. Palmer and her 5 beautiful daughters for a while longer.


Sheen V said...

did you buy a fleshlight?

wanklogger said...

No, not yet :(.

I am currently saving for it, but things keep coming up, things that cost money. But I think in about a week or 2 I should have enough.

Anonymous said...

Just get one - I did and it's brilliant

london wanker, 29