Wednesday, April 26, 2006

All about the wanking

Unfortunately, my cold flared up over the weekend. So I was a little unimpressed with the idea of sacrificing a sleep for some jerk time. But I am feeling better, and am ready to catch up with a bit of wanking that just must be done.

The stats for this month, to put it simply, are abysmal.

20 overall. 17 in the country, 3 not.

The previous months are 31, 47, and 32 in that order.

I can't say that my libido is any less. I am still horny as hell quite often. But the amount of private time these days seems to be severely lacking.

Hopefully May holds a little more promise. It would be nice at least to finish April up at 30. So there is a bit of a challenge for me. 5 days, 10 orgasms. It can be easily done, but will I find the time? Privacy? For once I actually want to accept a challenge ;)

1 comment:

jamesmark3 said...

I love to read about your wanking. I try to do it daily in public if I can.