Friday, December 15, 2006

The Christmas Present

The other night was my work’s Christmas party. It was the usual sort of work Christmas party, people got drunk, people exchanged gifts and a few people said things that they regret today.

I usually hang back, I don’t drink and I am not completely outgoing, so it takes me a little while to get into the spirit of the occasion and join in the festivities.

I tell you this because my favorite MILF co – worker was there wearing quite a revealing dress.

At the end of the evening, it was time for all the people who didn’t embarrass themselves to say goodbye to everyone else, and thank people for their gifts. I don’t really get into Christmas, but I do give presents (I know how cool it is to receive them, so consider it my goodwill!). It was time to be thanked, and thanked I was!

She went in to hug me, and owing to the copious alcohol consumed, it was not the normal hug between two people who are colleagues, there was a lot more contact, and my dream of dreams came true, for 5 glorious seconds her rather perky breasts were pressed hard up against me. I wanked to that as soon as I got home and into bed!

That’s my Christmas present, and I am grateful!


greenlacewing said...

That's a long hug--she must really like you.

Anonymous said...

You really must plan for action when a scenario like the one you described arises.
If you feel the hug was a 'come-on', then you must respond. You should have told her how nice she looks & how you really fancy her. What have you got to lose. Older women love these kind of affectionate comments. They become aroused and usually respond with a lead for more action.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were a uni. student. (Do you work in the holidays?)

wanklogger said...

I am a student. I work a number of casual jobs throughout the year and do the odd job now and then.

Anonymous said...

This was a come-on; you could have taken advantage of her drunkenness to obtain sex. The moment is passed! Try to get her drunk again...