Thursday, November 16, 2006

A holiday to remember.

Many years ago I went on holidays with the parents. We went to a small town, away from all the distractions of the city. We stayed in a small hotel place, run by a very pleasant old couple. What made this trip great, apart from the relaxing aspect of it was the room. My OWN room. Ordinarily all 3 of us would pile into one room. This puts a huge cramp on any sort of masturbation you have planned. On previous trips I might manage to sneak half a dozen at most in a whole month. It was not particularly nice.

However, when we got there, the old couple said that because we were one of two groups staying there, would I like my own room? The answer, even if I wasn’t a masturbator is obvious. A 16 year old male, dragged to a small town with the parents, anything would be great!

The first night I put the room to good use. Even at home I have to have a degree of caution, the parents come and go throughout the day and give vague ideas on when they will be back, so it is difficult to jerk off privately. At night I have a lot more chances, but it’s night time – I’m tired. So a room with a lockable door, and no chance of being walked in on is a blessing.

The first night I wanked hard and fast, going at it 3 times before being too exhausted to go any further. I slept the sleep of the happiest man on the planet. There is also another angle to the small country town that had not occurred to me. Since I grew up in the city, entertainment has always been around me. I can entertain myself, but usually with things, like TV, lego (when I was a little tacker) and so on. I’d never really had just myself and nature to entertain me. This was a small town was crammed into the hills, with no one around for miles, I had to do something.

I hired a bicycle and headed off down the tracks to have a look. The scenery was spectacular, the closest you’d ever see in the city would be on TV. But what struck me more was the complete lack of any human life. In the suburbs, you are fairly insulated from everything, but over the fence, not 20 feet away, there could be someone. Even though to are alone, you are not. However out there, it’s all you.

I’m not much of a risk taker, but this particular day I felt invigorated. There was no one around for miles, and I was still as horny as I was the previous night. The air was warm and it was a picturesque day, one for a postcard. I went skinny dipping for the first time in my life. And whilst in the water, what a great opportunity to wank!

I spent most of those few weeks in a routine of leaving straight after breakfast, returning to my secluded little spot, swimming and masturbating then heading back for dinner, doing something in town and then finishing off the day with a bit more masturbating.

It was a great trip, and I on arrival back at home, I felt disheartened that I no longer had the freedom I had. I feel that during my time there, my thinking was a lot clearer and I acted more confidently. Despite being a city kid, and most likely being a city adult, I want to move to a small town like that and have that freedom again. With the advances in technology, I might just be able too as well!


Anonymous said...

Viva la paja!!! Lo siento, pero si bien leo el inglés, no puedo escribir bien en él, espero que no te sea dificil leer esto. Me gusta mucho tu blog, yo también tengo muchos buenos recuerdos de mis primeras masturbaciones, quizás algún día los comparta con alguien más. Adios.

Anonymous said...

That was a sensible plan of action.
Wanking within earshot of others never helps.
I recall wanking on a nightly basis underneath the bedclothes. I had one ear listening for my mother & the other ear on the loudness of the sounds I was making.
It hardly mattered as soiled sheets & a cum soaked handkerchief were the evidence that my mother needed to know that I was a 'real wanker.'