Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The prize for working

For some time I had said that once I got a job and settled in I would go back to the brothel for another visit.

The problem was the timing. I just couldn't find the time. I had a day off scheduled, I thought some time around then would be good. I wanted to go at night time, as all other times had been during the day. With the following day being a day off, that particular night was perfect.

I had my dinner, and a quick shower. I drove up and walked in. In a rare show of mettle, I changed seats from the first person I spoke to. In the first instance she was quite personable, but as I was trying to have a conversation with her, she couldn't be fucked giving me the time of day. I said it was nice to meet her and walked over to another chair.

There I met Lina, a rather attractive Italian lady. I found her much easier to talk to and after some brief chatting about what I do, how my day was and so on I organised to spend an hour with her.

Starting off with the relatively unsexy health check (which I duly passed) I proceeded to the shower. Whilst Lina was getting it ready, she hiked up her dress, exposing her ass to admire.

I had a quick shower and stepped out, Lina took one look at my rather excited state, clapped her hands and said "Yummy!". I got onto the bed and Lina proceeded to lie on top of me, off to an angle and "rub" over me. It's difficult to describe. All the while kissing my neck.

After this, she repositioned herself on me so I could grope her ass and breasts. I did so, in what was probably a highly unsuave fashion.

She asked if I wanted a massage, so I flipped myself over. During this, we talked about the topics of the day. She thanked me for treating her like a regular person and talking about regular things.

I flipped back onto my back and Lina grabbed a condom. I asked her if it would be possible to see her play with herself for a while. She wanted to do so, and told me she will suck my cock whilst doing so. This proposition sounded fine to me. Lina positioned herself so her pussy was about a foot above my face and rubbed away. All the while her head bobby up and down at the other end.

Lina did this for several minutes. After which, she stopped sucking and swiveled around so she was sitting on the bed, legs apart and facing me. Her moans and cries were getting increasing louder until she completely stopped.

She told me she was really close to orgasm and wanted to feel me inside to complete the task. She squatted down on my cock and began to slide up and down. It was a tight fit and felt great. I said I was close and she slowed down. I tend to be rather quiet when I orgasm, and I'm guessing all the noise she was making was partly for show. Nevertheless it was all very pleasing.

She told me she had cum and I did feel her pussy tighten a few times, so I'm assuming that was it.

She continued to bounce up and down on my cock until her tight pussy was sucking the cum out of me. I told her I was cumming and she slid down, so I was completely inside of her and she rocked back and forth.

She rolled off me and dumped the condom into the bin. We still had 10 minutes left, so she lay next to me and we had a brief chat. I had another quick shower, got dressed, hugged her, had a last grope of her breasts and was on my way.

To be honest, the insurance I paid for after I started my job was both more expensive and not hardly as satisfying.


Anonymous said...

Great story. I've always enjoyed your blog and reading about your wanking but I am especially pleased when you actually get real sex.

Miss Honey said...

Fun and sexy story.

Mickey said...

Great story to wank over. Specially the bit where she slides up and down your pole.

Jezebel VonTizzle said...

i love the internet! where else can you find such a sexy story about a brothel? love it! sounds like a good time.