Friday, July 11, 2008

Leslie Mann

I've always found Leslie to be quite the hottie. I particularly love the wry smirk :)



Anonymous said...

great cumshot, and nice cock too

CelebritySplatt! said...

Oh my! I haven't done that over a picture for ages; I'm sooOooo going to have to pick a celeb, print it out and do that now!

Great work and keep it up. :-)

Wankorama said...

I know this woman has been in some movies, but I've never really paid any attention to her before.

I saw a few pictures on the web and she has a really nice ass.

She's cute and wank worthy.

Must have felt great spraying her pretty face.

Very good, Wanklogger. Well done.

(Hey, maybe I should start my own wank blog?

But I don't know how to use the Web Cam; I know they are pretty cheap.

Do you use a real expensive web cam?? Then you have to upload the film, and I don't know how to do that.

Maybe sometime you could write a guide to keeping a wank blog, and post it sometime.)

Mickey said...

Great shot Wanklogger. Right on her face. I haven't had a good wank over a photograph to give it a facial recently but you have rekindled my interest - or my cock's interest that is.

Mickey said...

Oh wow, after yesterday’s wank over Leslie Mann, this morning I went to Google and did a search on her. I chose the top middle pic from a block of 50. Her smile was just asking me to wank over it. I decided I would wank outside on my patio, which looks directly into the yard of the MILF (her name is Tania) next door I mentioned in a previous post. With nothing but my sweat shorts, a morning hard-on already begging for relief, and a magazine for cover, I settled in my chair facing her yard.

I pulled the top of my shorts down to give my cock some freedom and held the magazine in front of it for cover. Leslie’s pic was wedged between the pages where my cock could get a real close up view. There’s no doubt my cock loved the new picture of Leslie and as I slowly and gently started my wank, my cock came to maximum attention. Indeed I was so much in need of a wank I almost shot my load and had to back off, praying that the tingling all along my cock would subside and I wouldn’t unload before my real prize appeared – Tania.

But I just couldn’t let go for long. I desperately needed a wank so I just carefully brushed the tips of my fingers slowly along the back of my turgid cock. Each time I did this my cock tensed. The rush of being outside, the warm sun on my cock, Leslie’s smiling face looking at my straining erection and the thought of Tania walking out into her yard was making this a truly wonderful wank. Wow, I thought to myself – girls are fantastic, but there is nothing that can compare with the real thing - a long slow enjoyable wank.

I was so deep into enjoying the sensations in my cock and my balls, I nearly jumped out of my chair at the sound of the “Helloooo”. It was Tania, a mere forty or fifty feet away waving to me. I tried to answer and my voice came out all croaky but I did manage to regain my composure, such as it was. She started telling me how much she envied me sitting there relaxing in the sun….but my attention was riveted to her pert little tits pushing out her shirt and her gorgeous legs that I knew went all the way up to her pussy.

She kept talking but I had no idea what she was saying. Behind my magazine, my cock was straining so hard it almost hurt, and there was no way I could stop the wanking this time. My cum sensations engulfed my cock and I felt at least three powerful squirts shoot out while I stared at Tania’s tits. I managed a shaky “Bye…see you later” and as she disappeared back into her house I looked down to see what I had done.

Leslie had taken the brunt of it right in her eyes and a long stream of cum was now running down her chin and down her neck heading for the edge of the picture and my tummy. My cock was still hard but noticeably less strained than a few minutes before and the relief I felt from the stress was amazing.

I tell you there is nothing that can compare with a really good satisfying wank. Thanks for the inspiration Wanklogger.

Anonymous said...

Impressively spurty - thanks for sharing!

Doc Endshank said...

Way to go. Leslie Mann's crazy hot (and her wit makes her hotter still).

Anonymous said...

Tasman says:
I would sooner have a beer!

ramble on! said...

i'd lick the pic