Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The First Vacation

I recently had a vacation. I went to the other side of the country and did the touristy things. I went to museums, saw the sights, met up with some friends and generally had a pretty good time. It was my first vacation all under my own steam, at my own pace. It was great. So great in fact, I think I will move to this city. But that is all a little way off.

While I was there, I also decided to visit one of their local brothels, the state I live in is staid and conservative. The state I went to isn't.

I grab some dinner and head off in the right direction. There I was greeted and asked if I wanted to meet everyone, which sounded good to me. I was put in this little room (with porn magazines in a rack, I wasn't quite sure of the purpose of them). I met everyone.

The transfer of funds took place and I was duly led away by Stephanie to a room with a round bed and satin sheets. I had the obligatory health check, which I duly passed and then had a quick shower.

Meanwhile, Stephanie taunted me through the shower screen by slowly undressing and flashing tits, ass, pussy in varying order and visibility. I came out of the shower very erect and she was pleased to see this.

I got on the bed and had a quick massage. I've found that these frequently not entirely relaxing and can seem to hurt afterwards, so I try to avoid them for too long. I lay on my back and Stephanie asked me which positions I liked. I really like the woman on top. I get to look and fondle, all at the same time. I also like doggie, but as previously said, it's like Kryptonite for me - I do not last particularly long at all.

Stephanie lowered herself onto me and asked me to squeeze her nipples. This is the first time I've ever done so, and was informed that she could barely feel it (and I was squeezing), so I gripped tighter, and still she asked me to squeeze harder. Either she has some insane pain threshold, or I am weak as a kitten. My flabber was gasted.

She asked if there were other positions I wanted to try, I'd heard of 'reverse cowgirl', but never knew what it was. Stephanie duly obliged so I could say that I had first hand experience. She asked if I was ready to try doggie, and I was.

I surprised myself at how long I was holding on, I think I had good focus and control that particular day. Stephanie also commented on this fact that for something that is supposed to make me blow really quickly, I was holding on well. She had asked me several times to make a big production about when I came. Generally I go kind of quiet, so this is out of the norm for me. And I duly did so. Stephanie mused that the quiet ones tend to be rather adventurous once relaxed.

I lay back down on the bed, tired, and Stephanie slid the condom off me, commenting on the amount of jizz it caught. I said, it was inevitable because she was so easy to be around and talk to. Her lovely breasts also helped. This was taken as a compliment, I was pleased.

She lay back down on the bed and I asked what now. She said we were about half way through and we could either just talk, or if I was able, to go again. This sounded great to me.

We had a chat about the matters of the week and slowly, my cock began to rise to the bait. Stephanie climbed on me and off we went again. I wont go over the full details, but I came in the end by the power of her hand. The orgasm was so intense my leg got all jittery.

I had a shower, got dressed and we went our separate ways. What a great way to finish off my vacation!


Anonymous said...


I am interested to know how you found the place to visit?!?

wanklogger said...

They had an ad in the newspaper - read it over breakfast.

Was pretty straight forward really :)

Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

A great way to spend vacation.

I am ramping up my wanking at present ready for summer when the girls start shedding clothes. My cock is raw but I'm managing three a day with two of those in quick succession.

I try to keep away from brothels.

(Women are all right but you can't beat the real thing!)