Friday, August 15, 2008

Kaley Cuoco

Personally, I find Kaley's voice irritating. I could never really listen to "The Big Bang Theory" or "8 Simple Rules". However, watching Kaley's ass was never a problem.



Anonymous said...

Not as explosive as some of the others, but enjoyable all the same! Top marks for targeting, too - that load went exactly where it was meant to.
By the way, seeing as how you're often an impressive shooter, can we have a side-view vid from a bit further back, perhaps against a suitable dark background? It would be nice to give those powerful spurts the coverage they deserve!

Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

Shooting like that deserves an Olympic gold!

Anonymous said...

I remember watching a teenage boy wanking over a photo album of mine. He came to my house with his mother who was my cleaner. He was bored & asked to look at my photo albums.

When I was younger, I enjoyed the beach & had a collection of bikinis. My boyfriend at the time was keen on photography especially at the beach!

The teenage boy didn't know that I was watching him but I guessed he had come across (pardon the pun)the bikini shots.

He was in a world of his own. Cock in hand, jeans around the ankles. He didn't seem aware of shooting spurts of semen over the carpet.

I was so turned on & it wasn't long before I was pleasuring my clitty.

Next time the boy visited, I made sure that he helped me lift boxes onto the top shelves of a cupboard. I was up the steps making sure that he got a good eyefull of my nickerless fanny. I wanted to go much further but he seemed so vulnerable. (Then so was I!)


Anonymous said...

Tasman says:

A lovely story, Mrs. Mills. I had to have a quick fifty up thinking of it all!

playful said...

Thank you! thank you!
I discovered your blog for the 1st time a few hours ago.yourposts & vids are the answer to my long held (used?) fantasy topic: watching guys wank. actually, what has had my clit hard &slippery these last few hours is that u go further into my specifics (......) & have let me watch you wanking to porn, AND even making me wetter, you describe what your feeling, thinking, looking at , doing.OMG!!!!
you made me cum watching your side view wank over this gorgeous woman.(i came back to tell you). since then,ive have been reading your stories,keeping my nipples hard, fingers wet between my legs. im now going to look for more.

wanklogger said...

Mrs Mills: Your stories never fail to excite!

Playful: Thank you! It is pleasing to hear I caused an orgasm somewhere in the world!