Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Everything is arriving!

Well, what a great 2 days! Customs finally stopped messing me about with my porn and released it. So that was a nice surprise yesterday.

I had been following the progress of the parcel with my fleshlight in it for a little while now. First of all I have to hand it to the postal service for their tracking service, it is very complete and works across borders, to my amazement. So I saw that yesterday it entered my country, and was cleared by customs. I thought Thursday at the earliest. I got up this morning and saw that it had cleared customs (again?) just after midnight. I still figured Thursday was the go. I went to the Post Office and...there was a card in my PO box telling me there was a parcel awaiting collection. Could it be?


So now the agonizing wait, knowing it is sitting in its box, faithfully waiting to be screwed, but I haven't had the chance yet. I think there should be a chance tomorrow morning. I, of course will be posting an account of it :)

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