Thursday, June 29, 2006

The denial

I am not quite sure why people deny that they masturbate. What is so wrong with it?

I once watched a documentary on TV about sex. It featured the former US Surgeon General , Joycelyn Elders who stated (paraphrased) that 99% of people masturbate and 1% lie. Without having any medical background, I'd agree with those figures.

I understand people not wanting their friends and family knowing their habits, as I do. But if any of my friends or family thought that I did not masturbate, they are seriously deluded.

One time at a party a friend of mine was chatting to me and said she caught her boyfriend masturbating a few weeks prior. I asked why she was telling me this, it should be a private matter. She wanted advice (I am not quite sure what I can offer, I have extremely bad luck with people of the female persuasion). She felt he was cheating on her. How is that cheating? I just don't get it.

Another friend of mine claims that she has never masturbated. Not a once. I asked why? It feels great, can help you fall asleep, relieves stress and tension and in general makes you feel good. Nope, all that is rubbish, because if you masturbate it is because you can't find someone. Again, what is that about? I just don't get it.

Why deny you masturbate?! I masturbate whenever I get a chance, and I wouldn't change that for anything!

Do you know anybody in denial? Anyone who refuses to accept that it is very probable that someone they know has a wank when they are not around?


Edinburgh Erotica said...

While I don't shout it from the rooftops I make it clear in my blog that I'm quite familiar with Mrs Palm and her 5 lovely daughters.

Admittedly, it's not something that you would discuss in "polite" company but neither is sex generally.

On another point, my wife claims never to has masturbated, which explains a lot. My GF on the other hand often does when her husband is away (although she's thinking of me ;-)

Horny Old Guy said...

I've been jacking off since I was 12, am 65 now with no plans to stop...ever! From the beginning I've never thought there was anything wrong with it. My best friend in high school who was Catholic tried to get me to join the Church. When he told me I couldn't play with my weenie any more I said "Forget it dude!" (or something like that!). Amazing that 50 years later the Catholics are still putting out that BULLSHIT!

Masturbation is a private act of course, not something you need to discuss with family or close friends. Most of us guys seem to have a real hard time admitting to our buddies that we do it. It's something to joke about but it's always the other guy jacking off. I've never had a problem talking about it to girlfriends or my 2 ex wives though. From the beginning of each relationship, I've admitted I was a frequent masturbator, even while in relationships. Some women have understood, some were amused, a few were offended (if so I kept my "hobby" to myself afterwards!)

In my younger days, most of my female partners said they didn't do it, many said they had never done it in their lives. I always found that hard to believe! Nowadays, most women admit they do it and many proudly praise their Hitachi Magic Wands. It's a common mention in female blogs too. Blogs really make it easier for all of us, men and women, to admit we masturbate don't they? I think that's very healthy and good thing! Hell yes I jack off and I'm proud of it! (Sorry Mom!)

Anonymous said...

It is kind of strange, that so many people masturbate but no one talks about it. Of course, we always have to hide somewhere. For sure, if you masturbate in public they will come and take you away. Here on the internet we can discuss it though, and maybe someday there won’t be such a stigma about it.
By the way, I find it interesting that the porn blogs have lots of comments by guys saying they want to have sex with the models, but people don’t talk about wanting to jerk-off to these babes. I make it a habit to say so, and it terns me on.

baby221 said...

/shrug I don't masturbate because it doesn't do anything for me. I don't see why the rest of the planet thinks I'm lying about it. Do they feel somehow superior for being "honest" and "open" about their masturbatory habits or something?

Anonymous said...

I started to wank at 12 , I'm now 39 and I have loved every wanking moment.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have actually recently started the Wankfest. I am 18, and up until a couple of weeks ago, I would never have invisioned doing such a thing. Now, though, I am glad to have atleast tried it so that when my friend boasts about it, I wont thing poorly of him. Its not so much I lived a sheltered life, (which I more or less did), but mostly as a young kid I discovered some very powerful feelings of Purity, Justice, and other "good" feelings, and none of them were from religious sources.

These emotions were so powerful, I was able to never swear, drink, smoke, masterbate, have sex, or even hurt animals.

Now I know, that sounds quite wierd, uncommon, and possibly panzie'ish, but I knew feelings no one around me could fathom...

Then I went to high school...

Everything noble I knew was destroyed by exposure to everything that isnt. But still no masterbation. Then came college, those daggum liberal teachings of understanding the world around you so as to not be ignorant got to me.
I tried alchohal, started swearing, and masterbated. Not that any of those is terrible, but I was more or less proud of my record of having a clean record.

Well, I must say that there really isnt anything wrong with it, as far as I can tell. But im still doing research on it, if nothing else, just to accept it easier.