Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Scientific Desires

People who have been reading know I study in an area without many, if any people of the female persuasion. There are a few male dominated areas, but science is one of the most fractured. In the biological and environmental sciences there are some, in the physical and computational sciences there are few to none. I am in the latter.

Ok, so we have limited female interaction, and a lot of us are so wrapped up in our own little worlds of complicated theorems, hypotheses and journal articles, that we lose perspective on what constitutes the 'normal'. This is a list of some of the things that, I as one of those odd ones finds arousing.

The smart girl

Males in the sciences love the smart girl. This is not to say there is disdain those not seen as "smart". I put it to any science wonk on his lonesome to resist the advances of a hot, but not-so-smart girl. The idea of a hot, sexy girl sauntering over, but explaining the chemical interactions in your brain and the resultant hardness in your shorts is quite appealing. Nay, very appealing.

Mythbusters doesn't go for the true scientific method (but is fun to watch). Nevertheless, a large contingent of it's viewership would be physicists watching Kari. Scientific rigor and lab safety can be forgotten for a few minutes.

The split personality

There is a movie, which I have forgotten the name of. It had a fairly meek, redhead librarian which some guy asked out on a date. After a fairly routine, hollywood style date, she lures him back to her place and transforms into a dominatrix. I think many wonks like the idea of this. Perhaps the outside personality is so similar it is easier to relate to. Or that from the surface things appear much different than they actually are, much like many scientific workings.

The different girl

Science is not of the mainstream interest. People do not understand chunks of it, and are happy that way. I like to think that being out of the mainstream, makes one interested in things outside of the mainstream. At university there are plenty of women who look like they are ready to go to a nightclub, at 10:30am. They make dicks hard across campus and the previous lecture forgotten in seconds. Yet, I am always intrigued by the women with an overcoat, armful of books and hair that doesn't cooperate. Are they blissfully unaware? Do they not really care? Or is their hair all over the place because her lecture was so boring, she passed the time with a bit of surreptitious rubbing? Science looks for explanations!

The girl who asks

This one is very straightforward, having the girl make the first move is always appreciated. Everybody I know in the faculty has no idea about women. If you are playing hard to get, we wont understand. We may have odd interests, but we don't bite and have working jiggly bits!


Le Calme Avant L'Orage said...

Haha, this was a good one. I like how it is broken up. Honestly, either coming from either an "if I were a guy" or a bi-curious line, I would rather have the girl in an overcoat with mussed hair than the little slut who has only one type of clothing choice she would ever consider. And I agree with the "Girl who asks" part- whenever my friends do the whole "hard to get" bit, I need only remind them that as much as I love them, they are not made of gold, so take them while they're there. Only a couple of reasons I choose guys over girls in general. So much easier to deal with.

Le Calme Avant L'Orage said...

Oh, and p.s., congrats on being sugasmed!!!

Oh yeah, been meaning to ask, do you have to copy and paste that to your blog, or does it pop up on there itself?

wanklogger said...

Thank you! It's a manual effort - copy and paste :)

Le Calme Avant L'Orage said...

Got it, thanks a lot!