Friday, August 24, 2007

That Makes Two

I am back at university and have just one semester to go. This is probably one of the toughest semesters I have had in front of me, and I'll be glad when it is all over and done with. For a while now, I have been thinking of going back to the brothel from this experience.

The desire to go had been strong for quite some time, and finding a suitable time was proving to be a lot more complicated than anticipated. Last week there were a few days, but each one had a problem associated with it. I either had a class later on or had to be somewhere at sometime and so on. It just wasn't working out.

This week began, and like most weeks, I had plenty of work to do. As I sat in my office at university, the thought occurred...again. Today was perfect, I had no classes, my work was on track so I could take some time off and the logistics of slipping out undetected for a while were perfect. I finished what I was currently doing and packed up.

I arrive home and find the house deserted, yes! This was going to be much easier than first thought. I tear my clothes off and hop into the shower and well, shower. The previous time I went I masturbated beforehand. Being a novice, I want to last at least a few minutes.

I pull my clothes back on and jump in the car. As I have previously said, after I jerk off, I feel quite unhorny, so the first part of the ride was plagued by doubts. But, I persisted. The last time was great and I know that it doesn't take long for the horniness to return.

Last time I wimped out quite a few times before entering by circling the block. I'd like to say I did the opposite this time, but I can't. I did however wimp out fewer times.

I was buzzed in and prompted to sit down and have a drink. Which found me sitting next to Jackie.

I think I am more confident in front of a crowd. I can act in a play, or deliver a speech relatively easily, but unknown people, in less quantity are more troubling. I klutzed my way through the small talk. Later on in the day I realised that I suck so badly at small talk. If it is about a subject I know something about, I'm like a wind up doll. If it is about something I'm not so knowledgeable about, I am probably interested in finding out more and ask questions. But, just plain conversation, I lack something. I hope to figure this out, any hints? Last time the saving grace was the lady being from a country I have travelled in a fair bit. No such luck this time.

I think the madam realised my utter incompetence at this and swirled past to her counter and asked if I would like to make a booking. Thank heavens for that! With my side of the deal take care of, Jackie led me up the stairs and asked my name. Duh! I should have done that 5 minutes ago!

But, I try my damnedest ignore the ongoing analysis in my head, it helps me with my work and research, but not this. I place my trust in science, so lets see some of those evolutionary traits come to my rescue!

In the room, Jackie senses my inability to say anything useful so takes charge.

J: "Have you been here before?"
Me: "Yes, once. This is my second time overall as well. I'm fairly clueless"
J: "I'm sure you have some idea"

That I do, I hop in the shower and Jackie scurries off for supplies. I try steady my nerves and Jackie re-enters the room. I lay face down on the bed for a massage. This was much better than the last one, which left me in a bit of pain afterwards. Thankfully, my ability to operate my mouth and brain at the same time came back into sync and some amiable chatting followed.

Now, if I see cleavage in the street, my dick hardens. If I walk past a bra and panty shop in the mall, the same. So, I was puzzled that the same was not happening whilst lying on my back. I glance to my right and see Jackie in the final stages of undress and stability in the universe is restored and things are working as expected.

Jackie straddles me and I pipe up with my request that I would be most interested in seeing her masturbate for a while. My rationale is twofold. I like it and I sure am not going to be giving my pleasure from this. But Jackie doesn't do that in front of people - it is private and who am I to pry. Jackie lowers herself onto me.

J: "This is the second time you have been here?"
Me: "Yes, second time here, and second time ever"
J: "But, you've had sex before?"
Me: "Just once, here"

And the penny dropped, I was a bona fide novice.

Jackie eased my fears that most people who go there could go a 100 times and still not know what they are doing. I don't know if easing my mind is the right way to put it, but it didn't make me feel completely useless, so that was good.

Jackie asked if I had a favorite position, but correctly guess that I probably didn't know. She asked if I doggie style, which I do so we tried that for a while, which was fantastic. The last time I was there, I fumbled my way through missionary, but tried that again and seemed to be more coordinated this time.

With me on the bottom again, Jackie enquired if I had orgasmed yet and I hadn't. I asked if this was unusual and she said it was very unusual for someone my age. I felt quite proud of myself. Jackie finished the enjoyment off by rocking back and forth whilst on top of me - it's a poor description, but it felt great! So good in fact it gave my leg a case of the wobbles.

Another shower, got dressed, was wished the best of luck with my university stuff, and off I go.

Again, I am glad I went. I am the sort of person who will think and think and think about something risky until I decide not to do it all. I have taken to acting a little more impulsively, and to much enjoyment and success so far. But, the small talk thing has me flummoxed. I am obviously doing something wrong, but I'm not quite sure how to work on it. Save for any sort of sexual encounter in the future, just being able to strike up and have a conversation with a strange, for conversation sake is something I would like to be able to do.


tasman said...

I like to watch my partner wanking while I bring myself off. I can't imagine a complete stranger being receptive to the idea. (Good try though!)

wanklogger said...

Thanks, I thought I was being fairly even handed about it, but I guess there are other things at work :)

Anonymous said...

Love you stories of visits to WL keep it up!

wanklogger said...

Thank you! There would be more, but until they accept goodwill as payment, these entries will be a little rarer :)