Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bass Girl's Panties

As soon as I had read about Bass Girl selling worn pairs of her panties, I was immediately interested. It took me long enough to speak to her about them, and she promptly sent me a pair that she had had 12 orgasms in. The smell of her pussy was amazing and got on everything. My hand, my cock, my balls, everything while I jerked off in them.

It didn't take long before I had worn them out after I had dumped 5 loads into them. They soon became crusty with my dried loads. I had to have another. After seeing DDStasiak "use" a pair, I knew I wanted a lacy pair. I had to see my cum push through Bass' panties. You can watch me do just that. That pair has now held its last load, the fine mesh clogged with load after load of my sticky jizz, and a strong smell being a mix of dried cum and pussy.

Buy some, it's well worth it!

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