Thursday, February 24, 2011

Candace II

This is the second time I've emptied a load all over Candace, and once again she has managed to coax a huge blast of cum out of me. The pool on her chin is in just the right place for her to scrape into her mouth and swallow down ;)



Scimione said...

This is much healthier for Candace than eating sweets. Keep it cumming!

Anonymous said...

That first spurt - pow! You really should do a distance demo one day!
And judging from the precum in the first photo, you were presumably sitting down prior to the final shoot?

Anonymous said...

That's my gf! Love to see her covered! Anyone else wanna do her write me at
I've shown her her pics covered and she loves this stuff! Great work man! Epic

Anonymous said...

she has a big smile because she enjoys the feel of your cock and cum on her face!

Wanklogger said...

Thank you all!

To Anon: I generall sit down for most of it, and only stand up for the photos and video. Why stand when you can sit? :)

Vesutor said...

Seeing you wank and cum gets me wanking , too .