Saturday, April 30, 2011

My love of tabloid newspapers

I'm disappointed the local newspaper here is piece of crap. It's got no journalistic strength and considers itself too classy for Page 3 girls. Which is why I wish I were able to get The Sun. I love tabloid newspapers, it's junk food for the brain, and when there are tits as soon as you open the thing up, even better.

Case in point: Jordan’s filthy book message to boy fan, 13.

JORDAN left a gran fuming after writing an obscene autograph for her 13-year-old grandson at a book signing.

Disgusted Shirley Williams told how the 32-year-old megaboobed star wrote: "To Jack and wet dreams. Jordan."

The model, real name Katie Price, also embarrassed teenager Jack McBirney by asking him "are you staring at my t**s" when they met at the signing for her novel Paradise.

Now I haven't read the book, so my prejudgement might be wrong, but it strikes me that this article states the bleeding obvious.
  1. Of course he was starting at her tits! Who isn't? They are so fucking obvious
  2. There is no other reason a 13 year old boy would be a fan of the "megaboobed star"
  3. The kid fucking loves the comment in the book, and has looked at it again and again
  4. His gran needs to enter the real world
If only I had The Sun in my country...

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