Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vanessa 4

It's pretty obvious I love shooting loads of cum over Vanessa. Every time I do, the orgasm that accompanies feels amazing and the sight of Vanessa covered in my sticky jizz is just amazing! In this one, I especially like the little drops all over her face ;)



Anonymous said...

WOW, she is so sweet. Would love to cum all over her face too.

Anonymous said...

Impressive load! But the way the framing leaves us with a disembodied hand stroking a disembodied cock - it looks a bit odd, although perhaps all the others are like that, and I've just never noticed?
And when, oh when are you going to do another side view? : P
Good work, all the same!

Wanklogger said...

Cheers! Sometimes the camera gets away from me a little, I have a few things to keep in check and every now and then it doesn't work out the way I would like it to.

I've got software problems stopping me doing a side view at the moment, still in a bit of a checkmate over that one.

Anonymous said...

I want more cum!

Vane xxx

Wanklogger said...

Hi Vanessa, as soon as I can, you'll get as much as I can give ;)