Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 Wanking Totals

2008 was going to be the last year of the stats. The trend had been pretty clear and made quite a bit of sense. So far, I get more wanking done when there are less people around the house. 2008 was no different in this respect. The only alteration to 2008 was that I began working and it would be interesting to see the effect of this.

Slightly down on the 1:1 ratio of last year, but still pretty close. The previous years had a fairly clear 66% of all orgasms had when the travelling parent was outside of the country. In 2008 this was reduced to just under 60%. I can attribute this to having 8 fewer hours each day in which to stroke away. I can easily understand the weekends having a fairly high number of orgasms, but during the week I am a little dumbstruck. Thursdays are always good days, tomorrow is Friday. Work is a little slacker, often with a few drinks afterwards. So I tend to start celebrating the weekend around Thursday night. But in general, the weekdays are a little bit of a mystery. Averaged out, I had a wank every Tuesday.

February is a bit of a yardstick. In that month, there are no parents around, so wanking (of course) increases. It skews the trend line a little, but I think allowing for February there isn't much between each month.

I think the stats are well and truly worked over, there isn't too much more to be said and I am no longer collecting them. And in the first few unloadings of 2009, it has taken a little adjusting to not immediately remember the circumstances of an orgasm right after the fact. 2009 will have me actually going on a date. So, I hope this can add a new angle to my postings.

As is customary, the final item of wanking for the year...


Anonymous said...

remember when you used to jerk off on cam and post it to your site? whats the holdup?

wanklogger said...

A distinct lack of privacy :(