Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stressed Wanking

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic, but the end result is one finished thesis, submitted for examination. Phew!

In my experience, I find stress is something I don't realise I am under until it is pointed out to me. In the last few weeks I have done the same repetitive grind every single day, but kept some time open for some relaxation, my daily exercise and masturbation (when circumstances permitted).

The first indication I was under stress was the weight loss. I've lost 5.5kg in 3 weeks (50+ total). I'm glad it is off, and I'm going to keep it off, but it was a shock to see how much when graphed, the last few weeks were precipitous. Overall, that's a positive.

When I look at the figures, I had a very regular masturbation schedule. When I compare it to April (the other crunch time this year), it was much better. But, I think the effect was not great as this time. Toward the end of writing my thesis, I noticed that jerking off just wasn't doing it any more. Felt mechanical and kind of dull. As a single fellow, this is a disturbing revelation. But I ignored it and finished writing.

I handed it in and went home a significantly happier person.

I do have some work to follow (I get to present to the faculty and have one exam), but they are a while off and require a lot less input. Night rolls around, we eat, watch TV, usual evening family stuff and afterwards head in our separate directions.

I had been waiting for this moment. The moment I could jerk off and not be concerned about how late it was getting, and what needed to be done tomorrow and the never ending concern about your write up making sense.

I lay on my bed after my shower and felt the waves of the fan circulate in my boxers. With the weight loss of the last 3 or so months, everything feels different. It has taken some getting used to, but not at all in a negative way. I can't afford new clothes and it doesn't matter if the the stuff I sleep in is 3 sizes too big - the upshot is that it billows and falls off with no effort.

Jerking away, I also find what 3 weeks of no trimming does to public hair - the first time I'd noticed. I fantasized about the weather lady on TV, who predicted some horrible weather the following day, I bet she did it on purpose, she'd have to shown that that wasn't acceptable.

Sure enough, the inevitable occurs, but is different from the prior 3 weeks. It felt good. Really good. A toe curler and then some. I think it was good the parents had their noisy fan going, because there was some vocal activity to signify the return of pleasure. It was almost as if in those three weeks, I'd ejaculated numerous times but not orgasmed. Or, like the pleasurable sensations had been stored up - maybe a subconscious incentive to keep focussed on work.

I wanted to go again, but I think the 3 weeks of banked up pleasure came along with 3 weeks of banked up sleep debt.


having my cake said...

I remember how relieved Ruf was when that thesis finally went in! Well Done x

Anonymous said...

You should eat more cheese - keeps the weight on and relieves stress...

tasman said...

Keep on wanking. Wait until you have real stress or a big mortgage!.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. Keep on wankin', bro'!

Anonymous said...

wank over buddy ;) keep on wanking and if you dont can wank enough come to