Thursday, November 22, 2007

What to do now

Over the week someone sent me an email, wondering what I will be doing now that I have finished with university. It's a good question, and one that I have pondered myself.

The short answer is: I don't know.

The things I am qualified for don't interest me. I have experience in the area I am interested in, but it's not proven, I haven't done a course or been employed for those skills. So, I plan to start at the bottom of the ladder. No harm in that, I've always thought you can't do the job if you have no idea how the job one level down is done.

But a "career" in itself has me stumped. What is the significance of it? I see a lot of info on how to get pumped about it, how to advance it, how to buttfuck it 6 ways from sunday to make it really awesome. None of it interests me. The best answer I have got from someone was "It's what you do with your life".

Fair enough, but endlessly working for advancement and never being satisfied with your lot in life? It just seems like a cop out. But, I have never yet attempted a career, so maybe I will understand and become all excited about it.

How about you? Am I alone with wondering if a career is the be all and end all of what to be interested in?


Sheen V said...

Here's my advice - don't put all of your hopes and aspirations on the line for the first job. Just get a job and see how it goes. You might find working in an field that you've admired may not be all that you thought, or that it is. You may find that something you thought would be boring isn't. Any experience will help you learn what you like/dislike, help you meet people and make connections.

And don't allow your job define you as a person. Its a way to earn money to live. Ever watch "The Office"?

Sheen V said...

And they always say "Do what you love and the money will follow." The tough part is figuring out what you love to do. It takes most people years to. Me, I wish I had gone to a brewing school so I could work at a brewery.

wanklogger said...


Lately I've wondered if I should even bother with the areas my degrees are in. I've missed many of the programs for fresh grads (I wanted to do really well, and wasn't aware of them until they ended). Plus, interest is waning.

But thank you for your comments, I got a few ideas for what to do, just need to convince employers that they should take a chance :)

taky said...

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