Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Underpants

In my usual routine for preparing for my evening walk and run, I go to the toilet beforehand. Nothing special there, it's just good planning. I finish peeing, give a quick squeeze, mop up a few drops with the paper, hoist up the shorts and head out.

Only, this time it was different.

I ran the usual segments of my route and was quite happy with the results. In between the sections I run, I walk. One of the sections I run is quite long and flat, I then walk a little over 100m on a berm and then have an uphill run. On this day there were some people milling around the flat part and I am still a little self conscious when I run so I just walked past them. I've been planning on joining the segments I run into a single, longer section and I thought that this night was as good as any to begin.

I walked past the other people, turned onto the berm and ran across that, then around the corner, then up the hill. I made it, and have found my new limit, so it gives me something to gauge against. There is another uphill about 250m away, which I run and after that I walk the rest of the distance. I am worn out, I am sweaty and I usually feel pretty happy.

I notice that I have an erection, it's a common occurrence and I generally ignore it as I try to catch my breath. By that time, it has disappeared. But not this day. As I walk onwards, my breath returns and I note that there is some degree of arousal, something that is not common in this situation.

I ignore it, because it isn't really the place. Well, I try to ignore, but it is getting increasingly difficult. In the shadows I go for a quick grope to see if I can see why this is happening. Some part of my cock was in direct contact with my underpants - the new ones with the rather pronounced seam. Again, this isn't the place to readjust, so I wander on and hope mass humiliation will not result.

I pick up the pace a little - I'm getting hungry and now the arousal is quite pronounced and seems to be having an active effect. It's going from a passive throb in the background to how it would feel if I had stuck a hand down there.

A bit more walking and I feel a little twang. This little twang is the point of no return. I read the clinical term for it once, but I can't remember it. I haven't ever reached orgasm this way, surely not now?

Yep, now.

I could feel the contractions and jerking motion of my dick as gobs of jizz were deposited in my underpants. What an advertisement for the underpants company though, I had cracked open the packet maybe 2 hours prior. Orgasm on the first wear! I continued my walk home feeling very awkward.

Arriving at home I sped, in a surreptitious way, to the shower. Stripped off and saw the half drying mess in my undies. What an odd thing to have happened, it hasn't before. Of course, this brand of underpants is my new favorite. What surprised me is that I can usually feel the 'twang' coming. I know when it's imminent. But, this day it caught me by surprise, I was not expecting it at all. In a way, it was a really great surprise and given all the places I go to in public, I'm glad it happened at that time.

I wonder if the underpants company would like to know?


tasman said...

What brand of underpants are you using?(I want to get some to see if they work for me!)

wanklogger said...

Hey Tasman, it's a brand I haven't seen before: Holeproof.

Le Calme Avant L'Orage said...

Hole proof... but not cum proof... ;-D


tasman said...

Holeproof are good.

I find that they control an erection perfectly but they have never induced an ejaculation.

The last time I came in my pants was when I was a young teenager. However, I still had to assist by rubbing myself through the material.

You must be very sensitive & highly sexed. (The kind of guy just right for my craving partner!)

wanklogger said...

The years and years of my foreskin being too tight to retract have left the head quite sensitive.

Plus, I seem to have odd luck when buying underpants. In every packet, there always seems to be one that is a fraction tighter than the rest, or one that sits too high up, or one with a super-duper seam!

Sheen V said...

Hmm, I'll have to see if I can get them stateside.

Anonymous said...

this story is really hot... i like it wen guys can get off in their pants with out really doing anything.. wish u had a video of that ;)

wanklogger said...

Thank you!

Would have been difficult, night time and walking. Plus, walking around with a camcorder stuffed down your pants would be a sure fire way to get some unwanted attention :P