Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Office

My life has been quite busy the last few weeks. More busy than I wish it were. Thankfully in about 3 months this degree is completely done, and I can start the next phase of my life. If that phase goes well, it will get me out of this place and where I want to be.

Fortunately however, things have been going well for the wanking aspects of my life. I have found many opportunities, the travelling parent's presence hasn't hindered as much as expected (and they go away again quite soon) and after a brief period of feeling unhorny, things are back to normal.

The shared room at uni is a bit of a misnomer, no one else uses it. This is great because you get your pick of the computers, have space to spread out papers and can act as though it is your own office. It is tucked away on campus and is really private. Only problem is it is a converted lab and has a security camera watching your every move. I'm just not game.

I walk into the room to see one of the techs playing with the camera. Who informs me that the administration is trying to simplify things and cutting down on cameras makes something cheaper. So my camera has disappeared.

The next day I am undecided about wanking on campus, there are just so many people around. But I decide to go prepared. I skip the underpants for this day, if only for the comfort factor. I get there, and notice that ever since I had got dressed that morning I was hard. The eye candy around the place was certainly helping the situation.

I tried to do some work, but I just couldn't concentrate. Whenever I would get sucked into writing a paragraph, my penis would send signals to my brain reminding it about the fantastic opportunity in front of me.

After 2 hours of this mental cold war between the 2 impulses I caved. In all actuality, I think the parts I wrote in that time were some of the best I have written so far this year. So maybe this is a way to get my thesis written sooner.

I lock the door and settle back into my chair. I can feel my penis head starting to poke its way out of the foreskin and rub along the seam in my jeans. I unzip my fly carefully, any male will tell you the zipper can be the worst foe your penis will have to contend with. A layer of protective fabric from underpants means you can do this with haste. And after the first time you make the critical error without underpants, you are forever cautious.

I can see a tiny strand of pre-cum stretch out and collapse as I pull my jeans away. There is no porn at university. Well, there is, but you would be a fool to use the network for that. So I think of the girl I walked behind all the way from the car park. She wore tight navy dress pants. I could see the outline of her panties, not complete panties, but not a thong, some sort of hybrid that followed the subtle curve of her ass. I only got a momentary glance of her small breasts from the side, but the associated nipples were standing to attention through her white t-shirt. This was not it. Her hair was the longest I have seen. If she tilted her head back, she could have made the tip of her longest hair reach the small of her back. Lemon scented soap sealed the image.

I'll bet she had a name that was very pleasant on the ears, like Emily.

I wished Emily were in my office and I could see her skin. That was the one part I saw very little of. Was she tanned? Tanned all over? Tanned all over? Maybe she is an indoors type. Is her skin smooth, or not? Was she particular about hair or not? One could think that the flowing hair on her head would say something about her pubic hair. Then again, she might like polar opposites. In my mind's eye Emily looked good in all variables.

I thought of Emily in my favourite pose.

I'd like to see her hair in the small of her back, and spilling over the sides as she moved back to meet my thrusts. For the final thrust I'd like to be a far in as I could and feel her pussy tighten around my dick as it spewed it's warm contents.

In the real world I was stroking furiously, my pants had slipped down to my ankles and with each vicious pump little dribbles of pre-cum were launching from the end of my dick and landing around my fist. I could feel my pelvis tighten, my breathing quicken and muscles shifting and within seconds squirts of sticky jizz squirted out onto my chest.

I cleaned up using the available materials (leftover napkin from lunch) and rehoused my battle weary dick. In a wave of lethargy I lay down on the floor and had a 3 hour nap. I'm so glad that camera is gone!


Anonymous said...

Hi WL!
If U post more photos, ur blog will become more and more interesting!!

Have nice wanks!!


Anonymous said...

Hi WL!



having my cake said...

LMAO. Freed from the fetters of the focus of officialdom...

wanklogger said...

Of course! I guess it shows how little holds people from doing what they really want to do.